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I sat down at the computer intending to write this journal entry, but got sucked into Quicken and then Facebook. Excrement occurs.
This morning there was once again a trail of tiny ants to and into Spook's canned food dish. They had no interest in the dry food, but a few of them had scaled the water fountain and drowned. These same kind of ants a few days ago had made their way up the porch railing to one of the lime trees, and were attacking the many blossoms.

I did some research online for cat-safe ant control, but what I found was a hodgepodge of old wives tales, third-hand speculation, and chemistry. One repeatable fact from several reliable sources is borax makes ants implode, but when mixed with liquid they would live long enough to bring it back to the nest and share their fate. An appeal on FB confirmed borax as an answer from some of my more chemically/agriculturally educated friends.

So without finishing my breakfast, I drove to Lowe's, bought some borax-based traps and garden stakes, and brought them home. The stakes are now planted along the back of the front garden, mostly closest to the area below the porch, but also on the front by the paving stone where I'd seen the ants try to eat a worm alive.  The stakes package came with a bonus pair of traps which I set on the porch floor near where ants were traveling along the aluminum edging. Inside, six traps went to corners of the kitchen and near the table legs closest to the cat food & water. I have saved one pack for later.

Strange but true, there were no ants in the kitchen when I laid the traps there.

In the park mail slot was the rent bill. I used a lot less electricity last month, chalk that up to opening the doors when the outside temps were close to or below the air conditioner trigger point. This house heats up tremendously when the sun goes down, and the outside wind kicks up. Go figure. I used 50% more water, though. Yup, not watering the hedges --> watering the new plants will do that.

After I printed the rent check and set it aside for later, I watched some football. There was a high school championship with a team from AZ vs one from CO which was very well played.  The AZ public school however beat the CO Catholic school team soundly.

There I was, minding my own business, watching the game when I raised my glass of diet Coke® intending to take a sip, when, along with the glass, up came the very heavy coaster made from allegedly absorbent rock. It was attached by surface tension or something like it by the glass' condensation. Which was not being absorbed as advertised. And then it landed on my knee with a crash. Ouch! I turned off the game, punched Cost Plus into my car's GPS and went to the one in Mountain View ISO a bag or two of British pub coasters. I used to use them all the time, but I think I got tired of replacing them, and thought the rock ones were prettier and would last longer. After a year they aren't, and they didn't.

After parking, I headed for the doors, but took my time because ahead of me was an absolutely stunning female figure in a reddish burgundy full length bare shoulder gown made of some kind of stretch material which fit her like a glove. If you can imagine a butt glove. Breathtaking. She was with a tall skinny guy who was speaking something Germanic.

Once in the store, I headed for the back of the beer display, where the coasters were located the last time I was there, maybe 5 years ago. Nada.

I wander aimlessly, and something draws me to the front display. A whole section of handy compost buckets, much more appropriately sized than the OSH bucket I have been using. Found one in the shape of a pineapple, marked $19 but 20% off and also on a second promo, so $12.

Took that in hand, and headed to the section with all the foreign foods, thinking that's maybe where the UK coasters were hidden. And standing there is a vision of loveliness, my heart throb from LSOH, Danielle. She was the one I went to see starring in West Side Story, Miss Saigon and Rent. She was shopping for a present for her "secret idiot" aka secret star. It's a theater tradition around here to pull a name out of a hat, and you buy a gift for that person and find a way to leave it at his/her dressing table sometime during the run. She gave me a hug, and apologized for not having makeup on, I told her (honestly) that she doesn't need makeup, she's gorgeous the way she is. And then I ran off to find coasters.

Behind the wine tasting booth was a small collection of coasters, but they were too expensive and had really stupid sayings on them. I did pick up a set of four coasters sliced from a tree trunk, or maybe a branch, with the bark still on. $15, but they were very pretty and wood is more absorbent than rock. Generally. 

I carried the pineapple & wood slices around for a long time looking at stuff, and finally found the coasters I was looking for among the knick knacks. After looking through the various designs, I chose two packs of 15. I also found a salt and pepper shaker set (I was looking for a salt shaker) in the shape of a UK phone booth (salt) and a Beefeater (pepper).

Took those to the line for the registers.

I should mention that there was a lot of eye candy in the store, though I didn't see Danielle again.

Next stop was the Starbucks across the street which used to be a major hangout for me. Now that Panera has replaced Blockbuster in that little mall, the coffee shop isn't as crowded. There's also a new Panda Express and the new-ish Pizza My Heart is still there.

Some eye candy, but also some homeless.

Hung out till after 6, then headed home with a detour. I had been told the new Grocery Outlet was supposed to open this weekend, and when I passed by this morning the "opening soon" banner was gone and the official logos were up. But when I parked and looked, it was still under construction.

Home, watched more football, this time snippets of NFL.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I played a Tivo of the latest episode of Bold and the Beautiful, The and my heart throb Felicia is back, this time solo, putting the moves on the super-rich, super-buff son of the owner of the modeling agency on which the show is based. She is being very flirty, in a bikini on a chaise out on the balcony. Or something like that. Good to see her back. Not so good to not see the rest of the non-white cast back.

Transferred the contents of the big OSH compost bucket to the pineapple, and took the big bucket outside to hose it out and pour the results onto the compost pile. Left the bucket & lid out back to dry.

Delivered today was a 3-month supply of syringes. Probably won't see the insulin pens till mid week.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB concert at 1:30 (be there by 1)
Janice for cofeechat at 5
The RC tarantula is due, see what Spook does with it.

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