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Maybe it was the hump in hump day. I did a lot of minor stumbling today. Sleep was long in coming, I was having trouble finding a position where I could breathe comfortably. Woke up several times, once around 4 as Spook decided to play with the water bottle in the laundry basket. It's a smallest size, empty, and I threw it into the basket when she wouldn't use her cat bed with the bottle inside. Spook is a very strong kitty, and she can push that basket all over the place trying to get through the weave to get to the bottle. She won't just jump into the basket, I guess that would be cheating.

Next thing I knew it was 6-ish and I needed to take a leak. And then 7:30 with the alarm, but I shut it off and also shut off the lights. Woke up for real at about 9, stayed in bed reading till almost 11. The drugs I'm taking which have cured the urgency have the side effect of significantly lowering my BP, which has the side effect of making me dizzy when I stand. No, more sinister than that. I can stand okay, but as soon as I take 3 or 4 steps, I seriously need to sit back down. But now I'm 3 or 4 steps away from a sit-down place. To which I stumble. The trick is to stand up, stay where I am, wait for the vertigo, wait for it to pass, and then move.

Too late for breakfast by the time I've taken meds and shot up. Manicure would have to wait because there's nowhere to park during the lunch rush, especially now that the grocery store's innards are under construction and those bozos are parking wherever, and roping off wherever. And eating in the little square. There's a pizza place, Peet's, Specialty's, Boardwalk burger & beer place, and "Vitality Bowls". Nothing else for miles.

So I made myself something. I think there was herring in wine sauce. Oh yeah, three baked dim sum bow.  And grapes. Killed some time giving Spook a brushing. She loves having the side of her face brushed, her motor was revved up for that. She is also discovering the joys of being brushed in places she cannot reach. She will even join me on the sofa for that.

Got to the nail parlor at about 2, they were all busy, so Specialty's for an hour of Facebooking, and some apple juice. The next table held three people who made me look young. Two of them chatted me up. A man who said he was 93, and his girlfriend, who looked pretty good for 80-something, wearing jeans with rhinestoned pockets.

Got my nails done, and started to head home, but made a U-turn and went to the downtown plaza parking lot. Sat in my usual spot and did a bunch of Ingress, using stuff I'd collected on yesterday's light rail trip. I captured four portals and linked them and set up a field.

Then to Starbucks, but first noticed they were setting up for free music in the plaza. At Starbucks I got email from a recruiter saying my resume didn't upload, could I send a pdf. Had to make one, though, and do some editing first because all I had on the laptop were too-long resumes from April.

That done, Win10 needed to do an update. That was a boring 15 minutes. Meanwhile there was a limited supply of eye candy to ogle.

Mostly wasted time online, checked to see what the free music was about, sounded like it might be worth going to, and started at 5:30. So I walked back to the car, deposited the laptop and grabbed a jacket and my camp chair, and found a place to plant myself in the plaza.

They didn't start till 6, but as soon as they played a note, scores of people got up to dance. Horrible muffled bass, could not understand a single word, even when the falsetto sang. It was fun for a while, but then the sun went down, and people were arriving in droves, and too many were putting their butts in front of me. I packed up and moved to the other side of the plaza, captured a bunch more portals and made a couple more links and a field. There was one portal which refused to die, I finally got tired of XMP-ing it and went back to the car.

Home, the inevitable finally happened. One of the kitchen fluorescent lamps, which had been iffy since I moved in, died. So with much ado, I moved stuff in the shed and man-handled the 12' ladder inside. Got up there and removed the pair of tubes, then went to the bedroom to get the spares.

FAIL. Those were spares for the much shorter bathroom tubes. Folded up the ladder, put the microwave back in place, made Marie C roasted chicken for dinner, finished the second Napoleon for dessert.

Spook has a couple of toy trees with "fruit" made from sewing a ping pong ball inside a cloth pouch. Tonight she liberated one of the balls and was making quite a racket chasing it around the livingroom.  

Watched some Tivo. Mysteries At The Museum. I don't know who writes their stuff, but it's someone not very old, because they made it sound like nobody knew that Houdini's death started with a fan punching him before he was braced for it, and that Adlai Stevenson was an obscure politico known only for his Cuban Missile Crisis "Hell freezes over" line.  "Don't wait for the translation, answer 'yes' or 'no'!" is the line before that, and IMHO much more memorable.

Penn & Teller's FU is back, and is being recorded for another time.

I sold a lot of mutual fund units to get more liquidity into my brokerage account. I started to apply to withdraw from my IRA, but the tax rate this year is way too high compared to the capital gains on the mutual funds, which is a pittance. And what I was thinking of paying off was a 0% credit card. Too soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, get replacement bulbs & spares
Install new bulbs
While I have the ladder out, maybe I should finish a small paint job in the livingroom which the stepladder couldn't reach.
ATM, I'm almost out of Yuppie Food Stamps
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