Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let there be light. Sort of

The morning adventure was a trip to Lowe's to buy replacement bulbs for the kitchen overhead lights. Bought three pair, thinking one spare and a pair to replace the non-working ones plus a pair to replace the other set which has been in there for the same amount of time, presumably.

There are a lot of choices of warmness, I chose "sunlight".

Set up the ladder, climbed as close to the top as I needed to, and it was a struggle to get the bulbs to seat correctly. And once I did, it was clear that "sunlight" wasn't, and these 40W bulbs were only about half as bright as the other pair.

So I took back the two pair for a refund, leaving the new ones in place for now because (a) I hate heights and (b) I can't see returning stuff I've taken out of the packaging and (c) I needed the light for making dinner.

In between buying and installing lights, I went to Petco and bought filters for the cat water fountain. Little bugs have been showing up in her water. Gnats, I think. I had not been using filters because they restrict the flow.

Applied for a lab tech job, the recruiter called, it was a contract for $12/hr. You have to be kidding. Applied online for a job at Nokia. Applied for a "new" listing somewhere and when I logged in it told be I had already applied - in February.

No word from Highfive. :-(

No word from the Amazon contract rep who said he would be sending me another job description.

Lee came over with a present - a bag of peanut-coconut-sesame candy. I asked if she got her replacement fridge, and she said yes, Monday, so I reminded her that she had left two bags of shredded cheese. I gave those back to her - she had forgotten they were there. All her other food fit into coolers. I expect some day soon she'll bring mine back.

Watched some of the Patriots/Giants game, was surprised the NFL let Brady play. I have the Raiders & 49ers recording on Tivo, will watch some tonight and tomorrow.

Just burned my thumb using a glue gun to repair the ping pong ball cat toy. Two balls needed to be sewn back into their cloth wrappers, and I decided to use the costumer's shortcut. Besides the blister, the results were better than if I'd used needle & thread. Two blisters, actually, because opposable thumb.

Lunch was hot dogs and baked beans. Dinner was a new brand of breaded chicken wings and mixed veggies. The wings were pretty close to what I was hoping for.

Forgot to go to the ATM both times, which is around the corner and down the block from Lowe's.

Listed the NVidia tablet & HTC phone on eBay. May do the Verizon phone soon.

Refilled the empty hummingbird feeder, did not add food coloring. The birds drank from it anyway, as well as from the red one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home Depot, try again to get the right bulbs. Just 1 pair. And look for a paint stand for the ladder.
Maybe visit the recycle center with bulbs & batteries & a printer & the RC car.

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