Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Professionally Crastinating tonight. This morning.

Sat down to write this about an hour ago, but got kidnapped by Facebook posts. When a friend of a friend posts a photo pf Ron Jeremy as a birthday message to said friend, one must needs respond. And that requires some research.

This morning was a waste. I woke up at 5:30 to pee, then at 7:30 with the alarm, as if no time had passed at all, back to sleep and did not wake up again till almost 10. And wasted another 90 minutes reading and playing on the tablet. Somewhere in there Spook actually jumped down from the cat tree bed and laid down against my leg to groom herself.

Finally showered and drugged myself by noon. Not hungry, so no lunch until three. Macaroni and hot dogs and three cheeses. Or was it four? Anyhoe, Plan A to go to the cat cafe was moot.

Watched some Tivo stuff, then headed to MV and was at *$s by 4, with the laptop, and waited for Janice to show up. She was 10 minutes late, which is not like her at all, but it was one of those weeks for her. The good news is she had Met Someone® but it's too soon to tell. He sounds like an amazing match, though.

The insect bites on the back of my leg look more like shingles now. I may need to call in Tuesday if that continues.

After our chat, I drove to an ATM and got some cash, and then to Safeway for bananas, but realized I needed to stock up on frozen dinners, and the ones I like best were on sale. And there were other staples, like peanut butter, turkey baloney and Gallo salami, frozen pizzas and eggs - 18-count was on sale, but I had to cannibalize three cartons to create one without broken eggs. Also bought some anti-itch stuff. Witch hazel, which was dad's go-to for us kids, and Benedryl spray. Also a big band aid which ought to protect it from my cutoffs.  

Home, nothing in the mailbox except an ad for a high class choir and an envelope without a return address but a non-profit frank, so it must be a plea for $$ from someplace I don't want to donate - it will be shredded unopened.

Put all the stuff away, and discovered that I had 10 eggs already. My usual hard boiled routine is a dozen at a time, which may happen tomorrow evening.

In other news , my orange "tree" has curled leaves. No sign of insects, and it has been well watered, so I'm guessing sunburn. Need to move it back to the rear of the carport where it had been, too much sun in front of the house. We'll see.

Dinner was half a DiGiorno pizza, which cooked while I watched the news. I like their pizzas, nice thick crust and acceptable toppings. Not like delivery, but close enough. And they were on sale for $6 each.

As usual for a Saturday, this morning I watered all the indoor plants. My catalaya orchids are not progressing, I may toss them. Compost fodder.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tech Museum. B of A gives me free entry. I want to see two of the IMAX films. I hope it isn't too crowded.
I'm skipping the HOA BBQ, they will only be providing sides, and the BYOMeat isn't going to work as they only have one BBQ station. And even if they bring in more, the area is too small. And originally they set if for Monday, but changed it a couple of days ago.

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