Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plan A and B and C achieved

Plan A was to take advantage of the BofA free museums on the first weekend of the month deal and go to The Tech. And I used the senior discount to see two IMAX movies there, $8 each.

Plan B was to buy more napoleons from my favorite bakery and Plan C was to get something from Psycho Donuts. Psycho Donuts lives in a storefront on the ground floor of the garage where I park, and the bakery is on the walk from the garage to the museum. There are several electric car chargers in the garage, but they are not free, and they require a prepaid card. The card Ford gave me, which is supposed to be good for 3 years, doesn't work anymore.

The Tech is huge, as one would expect all the best stuff is designed for children, and there were barrels of them. Children. So many languages being spoken.

The first movie was on humpback whales, and it was good news/bad news throughout. The good news is there was a lot of footage of the whales which would be impossible to see any other way, much of it underwater. The bad news is the quality of the photography was intermittent, and the whole movie was shot at a lower resolution than IMAX can support. On a screen that size, 720p looks like standard definition. The audio was excellent, but the choice of tunes was not.

The second movie was a NASA space promo Journey To Space, which is billed as being narrated by Patrick Stewart, but in reality he only did the intro and outtro and maybe 2 minutes in the middle. And strange to say, it was not as well voiced or recorded as the three NASA folks who did the bulk of the narration. Shuttle astronaut Christopher. J. Ferguson narrates the first third, and takes us through the history of the shuttle, including time on Mir and building the ISS. Dr. Serena Auñón, also an astronaut, talks about things medical in space, with an emphasis on exercise. Lindsay T. Aitchison is a mechanical engineer whose role is on the ground and underwater, she took a look at space suits and their components under development, and led into a section on Orion, which Ferguson tag-teamed from her. This is the project to put a handful of people on Mars and bring them back after a few months. Once in space, the crew quarters will inflate. How could anything go wrong? Technically superb, the movie is what one has come to expect from NASA. Boeing was a major funder, the Orion is their project. Toyota also kicked in huge $$ possibly to show that a Tundra hauled one of the shuttles through the streets of LA to its current resting place.

In between, I visited all the exhibits, had a grilled cheese sandwich in the very busy cafeteria, and was tempted dozens of times by things in the gift shop until I looked at the price tags.

On my walk I also played Ingress, created some links and fields, but somehow I am still stuck at level 6.

Got to the garage, the machine refused to recognize the validation on my ticket. Attendant claimed the tech only validates for week days, but I know that's BS.

In the morning I took clothes out of the dryer and put other clothes in there from the washer. Home after the trip, I put away the clothes from this morning and ran the dryer on "fluff" for a while. Those clothes are on the bed waiting to be ironed or just hung up.

Watched the last half of the Texas/Notre Dame game. Did not watch OT. Instead watched the last half of Texas Southern at Prairie View's new stadium. It was an interesting game in which both teams did their best to give it away. The refs finally did that for TSU, making a bad call at a crucial point in a 4th down which had been converted with a fake field goal. The announcers were making all kinds of inane noises about bad calls and how this one should have been reversed but wasn't.

Dinner was a pair of small beef frozen dinners, one with rice one with mashed. Had some grapes and then a donut.

Next door neighbors came over to return my cooler. Lee, who is 4' tall, brought along her husband, who is taller than me, because she saw how tough a time I had reaching that shelf. He put it up there for me.

Took out the garbage & recycles, watered the front garden. The birds had really messed it up, I jetted a lot of dirt off the stones and also down the culvert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing. There may be football on TV.

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