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Listening to something which turned up in my mailbox today, through the USPS, despite it being a Federal holiday. Ordered from Amazon, John Gorka's CD Pure. Mostly bought for his song I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair. Gorka was recommended by the moderator of the last songwriter's meetup I attended, as a "If you like John Prine you'll like this other John".
I saw a stranger with your hair
Tried to make her give it back
So I could send it off to you
Maybe Federal Express
Cause I know you'd miss it

So, this morning I was up at 6, then with the alarm at 7:30, but the radio station was all static for no apparent reason. Seems it was from the Dell laptop's charger having been moved too close to the radio's power cord, which doubles as its antenna. So I plugged the radio into an outlet on the other side.

And watched some videos on the tablet.

Until I couldn't stand it anymore, and went online on the big PC to cancel the NVidia tablet auction because eBay's automatic posting tool had put "New" in the header when I had specified "used". Re-listed with that change, and added a pair of photos of the side of the box so people could see the model & UPC code. Tried to find the person who had placed a bid to let him know, but eBay nuked that when I nuked the listing. :-(

Set up the ironing board and ironed the few shirts from yesterday's laundry which needed it. Sprayed sizing on appropriate places to see if that would help. Spook ran away when she heard the sprayer.

Went to OSH and spent way too much time wandering around looking for some way to display the Thai spirit house in the front garden again. Last time was ugly wooden stakes. They had thick bamboo, but I have no way to cut it to the right length. What I mostly went there for I found right away, mesh fabric to discourage birds, and metal staples to hold it in place. Also bought a couple of hooks to hang the dustpan & brush to replace the ones which fell off the wall about a year ago. And on impulse, a hummingbird swing. It took a long time to find an S hook to hang it with.

Home, because in the store I was not feeling well, some nagging pressure/mild pain in my lower abdomen, so I didn't stop on the way back at Target to exchange a CO2 cartridge.

Installed the hooks, and set the netting and staples aside for after dinner. Hung the swing from an unoccupied scrolly thing near the feeders.

Made two batches of hard boiled eggs, from three purchases. 5 each from 3 and 2 weeks ago, 14 from this weekend. Make that 15, because one from the first batch broke during cooking, so I threw in 13 in the 2nd batch after peeling, slicing and eating the broken one. All three sets are marked in a secret code which only I know. Because who else woud even care?

After seeing leftover pizza in the fridge, I completely forgot and pulled out the last few wings from the other day and a packet of creamed spinach and microwaved them up for lunch. Boston Scream donut for dessert.

Got email from a tech recruiter for a company which does streaming media advertising, in response to my application for a job for which I probably am not qualified, but maybe I am. In any event, it's in my area of expertise. He sent a link to a calendar app and I signed up for the first slot he had available, 6 pm on Thursday. So much for a speedy process.

I was telling Janice how I am bummed that I have gotten used to being out of work with no prospects. I'm back to not being depressed enough to skip meals. And I'm back to eating things I shouldn't.

Watched all of the Ole Miss/Florida State game. Turned off the center speaker, which helped dampen the idiots doing commentary. They were truly horrible. It was a good game, once the Seminoles got their act together. One thing the idiots did to annoy me was always called Florida State "The Noles". I hate hate hate that, because my brain wants to make the joke that if you think these Semi-noles are good, you should see the Noles. Also, in my baby sister's neighborhood, on the way to her house from town we pass Seminole Rd. and then Nole Rd. Click on the link to see the map.

Dinner during the game was Marie C's turkey medallions in gravy with mashed and alleged vegetables. Carrots were fine, but broccoli and its evil white cousin cauliflower are not.

After dinner I took a pair of scissors outside and rolled out the netting at the front of the front garden, pushing the staples in as I went. Used all 20. While I was doing that, Cal came over to chat, he had a hard time believing that birds had made the mess, but I told him his wife was right, and I have video somewhere of brewers blackbird females scratching for seeds and throwing mulch all over the place. He was also complaining that she had installed a passion fruit vine because we were told not to by the park bozoids. And he was in "she always wants to get her way, not matter how stupid" mode. I had no problem agreeing with him.

That didn't take too long. Watered the front and side gardens, left the roses alone. One of the plants on the side is starting to look like tumbleweed, I think I need to pull it out and plant more seeds.

Obligatory Spook photo:

I had piled all her toys together, and she curled up among them as I watched football. She was using the spider as a pillow, which is weird because while the legs are fuzzy, the body is hard plastic.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual work search
Check to see if the birds have destroyed the netting

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