Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much To Talk About

5 am or so, woke up for no apparent reason. Instinct kicked in, took an Hgl reading - 71 - low. Took out a thin mints ice cream bar, sat in the recliner and watched east coast news. That helped. Back to bed.

Up a couple more times, Automation guy phoned at 9, we talked for an hour. I had been researching compost bins on the tablet. Decided to stay in bed till 11, without a decision on compost bins. Spook jumped onto the bed and did her usual "pet me - no, don't pet me" thing which this morning meant she wanted treats, so i got out of bed, gave her treats, and back to bed.

Up and drugged by noon, Hgl was 119, much more reasonable.

Very late lunch was reheated pizza and a donut. Or was it a popsicle? I forget.

Checked the garden, the netting seems to have worked, no mess and no sign that the blackbirds had been there. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up earlier and sit on the porch to see if they even show up. Meanwhile, the hummers are dive bombing each other, sometimes feeding, sometimes fighting.

Tried to call keepyourhomecalifornia.org, the first two times there was no connection, third time I got through the keypad game, but hung up after 10 minutes of waiting and no indication from their pre-recorded message of how long the wait would be. They kept repeating that one can also find an agent in person somewhere, but the link to that on their web site was 404. I apparently qualify for mortgage payment assistance, but I can't tell from the web site if it's a grant or a loan. If it's a loan, no thanks.

Drove downtown at about 4, it was very windy but warm. Ingressed some. Went to Starbucks, my favorite customer was there but sitting mostly out of view of my seat. One of the baristas was a total doll, and was wearing theatrical eye makeup. She was surprised I noticed.

Lots of time on the laptop reading job openings, but as usual, everyone wants programmers for QA. Grrr.

In political news, Obama finally got his ass to Laos, and promised $$ to help clean up Johnson's and Nixon's land mines. One more case of too little, too late, but at least he finally got around to it. Now he needs to do the same for Cambodia, but probably won't. He pointedly left Cambodia out of this trip.

As for Hillary, I don't care about her email. Except I wish the illiterate media would quit using the non-word "emails". Email, like mail, is a collective noun and does not get modified for its plural. email, like mail, consists of pieces. You can say email messages, email letters, even pieces of email, but not effing emails. I do care, however, that her stupid budget decisions helped kill an ambassador. And that she entirely blew her role of Middle East peace negotiator. And that she speaks as if she's in a noisy football stadium without a mike. One would think that after all these years she would have picked up Bill's stellar delivery style.

Got email from youngest sister that she is very frustrated with her husband's three ambulance trips in 6 months from bicycle crashes. The last one broke a femur, and has set back their plans to visit me this month.

Dinner while watching NFL blabber. Tempted to play fallacy fantasy football, except I know nothing about most of the players. Warmed up a smoked turkey leg and defrosted some mixed veggies. Napoleon for dessert. And grapes. Lime soda for a change.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go somewhere with the camera.


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