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Why do they have to yell? I have the TV on in the background with a college football game. The Boise Bronies vs. the Lafayette Louisiana Ragged Cajuns. They have least common denominator commercials.
Today was anther wake up at 5, go back to sleep morning. Spook started out in the cat bed by the door, ended up in the cat tree by the head of the bed. She stayed there till I was done in the bathroom and heading for the kitchen.

Hgl was good this morning, 99. Breakfast was a banana and a HB egg. This was one of the almost fresh eggs, and it didn't peel well.

It was a cool morning, there was mist enough to wet the porch railing. I went outside and collected rose petals to dry. I'm thinking of sending a packet to my UK cousins. Not sure if that's legal. I have two big packets in one of the kitchen cabinets and whenever I open the door it's roses scent.

The netting seems to have done the trick, no mess from the birds. But I'm not sure if they even showed up, what with the mist.

Delivered yesterday but opened today was a pair of sheets of Star Trek stamps.

Delivered today was a 3-month supply of the latest (TMI) prescription.

Lunchtime kinda crept up on me, there were lots of job openings to plow through, but none to apply for. Made a sandwich and a half of baloney & salami with Dijon mustard, pickle slabs and lettuce.

Then grabbed my camera and hit the road for the Don Edwards Federal Nature Preserve which is across the Bay and north. There was a lot of stop and go traffic, but despite the brakes recharging the battery, I ran the battery down 3/4 by the time I got there. Might have been the air con. By 1 pm the temp was about 90°.

Don is a huge area which used to be salt marsh, with huge salt rendering plants. The feds bought most of it, there is only one plant left, and only a wee section of wetlands not protected. It has a reputation for a lot of wildlife and a variety of birds.

First stop was the visitor center, which is a FAIL. There was a volunteer at the info desk, but almost no content inside the center. The outside had some info boards.

I started walking up the trail, but the place is vast, and it was too hot to walk, so I went back to the car and drove a few miles to the end of the road, where there is a fishing pier about a mile long.

Only one person was fishing, one couple was making out behind an electrical junction box.

To the side of the pier is a small concrete amphitheater with a big rock in a tiny zen garden.

 And two concrete picnic tables with Caltrans' logo.

You can find all the photos here.

There were very few birds, mostly gulls, a couple of great egrets and not so great egrets way out on the levee.

I drove home by the eastern route, it was after 3, so I used the diamond lane most of the way. Even when I was doing 70, I was being tailgated. :-(

Very warm this afternoon, the aircon was on a lot, I had to close the kitchen windows because it was in the high 80s outside. Usually by 7 pm it's cooler outside than in. Here it is 10 pm and only down to 75. The weatherboobs on TV were saying today would be the the last day of cool weather for the week, they were off by a day.

Dinner was Marie C beef pot pie, my fave. Watched some NASA's Unexplained which was supposed to be a new episode, but two segments were retreads. Tivo Bold and Beautiful at 3FF showed me that Felicia is again off the program. They have instead added someone who looks somewhat like her to one of the main plots.

Played with the Amazon Fire, and tried to figure out why the 4K movies it was playing were not true 4K, but 1080p.
Original HD is 720p, which means 1080 pixels x 720 lines on the screen with 60 full frames per second. Next came 1080i, which means  1920 pixels x 1080 lines with 60 half frames per second interlaced to look like full frames. The next notch is 1080p, which is the same as 1080i except it has 60 full frames per second. True 4K (UHD) is 3840 pixels × 2160 lines at 60 full frames. After some troubleshooting, it seems the Fire lies about (at least) its free 4K content, it's only 1080p. The blu-ray of Ghostbusters I have which is billed as 4K actually showed as true 4k, going through the same cable/mixer/TV port.

Now that I know that, I thought about putting the Tivo Bolt back in place, but then remembered that when it is set to 4k it reboots itself. :-( Looked into swapping to a Comcast DVR, but while they have vastly improved their user interface, they don't support 4K at all. I'm peeved that the industry hasn't moved to 4K content.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing except be around at 6 for that phone interview. And probably hear officially "no thanks" from Highfive.com.
And my eBay auctions are coming to a close, so I'm expecting some more ca-chings from the app on my phone.

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