Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missed Connections

This morning a contract agent tried to call me. Turns out it was someone else at an agency who was supposed to call yesterday. He emailed with "call me immediately". I emailed back that he was a day late.

Last Sunday night a recruiter for a tech startup emailed asking me to go to his online calendar and schedule a phone interview. His first opening was 6 pm tonight. I made sure to be home and in front of the computer, canceling any other plans. At 6:05 he emails asking if we can chat tomorrow instead. I told him no.

Earlier in the day a contract recruiter called with what sounded like a possible job at Youtube, so maybe something will come of that next week. Did not hear from Highfive, so I'm pretty sure that didn't pan out.

Got up early enough to see the brewers blackbirds. The netting worked, the one which had been making a mess pecked for seeds in the road, the other one plucked some from the Thai basil plants.

Went to Target to exchange a sodastream cartridge, but they were out. I had a mocha in the Starbucks there and read, and people-watched. And called my new dentist for a first appointment. It's in 2 weeks.

Also called the nearest Bevmo, they had one cartridge left, and put my name on it. I drove over there and made the exchange. They charge $3 more than Target.

Watched some of the football game. The refs had it in for the Panthers.

I don't know why I am suddenly feeling nauseous, but I'm going to take drugs and go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO - mail two eBay items
Bad Movie Night at a friend's if I feel up to it

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