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I posted a locked description of my horrible night last night, TMI if you're not one of the few friends who still read this journal.

It included a weird dream in which someone I have not been speaking to for about 15 years appeared, and we made up with a hug.

My morning basically started at about 9, I did stuff on the tablet in bed, then my usual morning stuff. No jobs to apply for. Later in the day Highfive emailed that they have decided to nuke the position I was going for, and hire an automation engineer. Expletives.

Grabbed the two eBay boxes and dropped them off at the PO, hacking it and the nearby light rail station Ingress portals.

Boring boring boring morning. Sat on the porch watching hummingbirds complain that the feeder I most recently filled was empty. I filled them both and went back to sitting/dozing on the porch. There are now at least four, maybe more of them little birds. In other bird news, I did not see blackbirds, and there was no mess from them. The lilacs are not doing well, but I was warned about that. They probably needed more and more mature compost.

Lunch was a salami sandwich and half a baloney sandwich. Grapes for dessert. Watched a lot of Tivo. FFFed through Bold & Beautiful, no sign of heartthrob, though they are using the same set she was in as the balcony of a different character than she was flirting with before.

Watched some of the Syracuse football game, whoever they were playing were wrecking them. That filled time until attempting to drive to Bad Movie Night at some very long time theater friends' home. I have been there many times, but I usually get lost, so I spoke the address into the GPS and followed the prompts. Until they started heading to Santa Cruz. I needed to get goodies for the party, so I stopped off at a convenient grocery, then tried again. This time it looked like it was pointing me the right way, but instead of heading into the valley between Palo Alto and Redwood City, it headed for the hills. One more try got me closer, but the wrong neighborhood, one of those with severe road narrowing and obstacles so if you didn't live there you didn't belong there. More than an hour late, and mostly lost, I found my way home by instinct and brute force.


Made dinner, Marie C roast beef and a popsicle and watched Spook play her arms length game as I watched more Tivo. Penn & Teller, mostly. Set the machine to record the Rob Lowe roast. I hate hate hate the current format where every guest roasts every other guest. It takes forever, and with 20 guests there's not enough material. I like it better when each guest hits on the roastee, and then the roastee has a chance to get back at them.

Took drugs early tonight, refilled the night pillbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get some gas into the car, tonight's adventure used up all the electric charge before I headed home.
Go somewhere. Take the camera.

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