Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short and Sour

Slept well, so did Spook. Up at 8-ish. Nothing new on the job  boards. Drove to the gas station, filled up the tank in case I wanted to go somewhere, went to Home Depot to look for compost bin ideas. They had a section marked for those, but the ones in there were crushed and dirty. Did not find anything which would be better than what I have now. Did find a tiki lamp post which looked like it would work as a spirit house stand, bought that. Ordered a compost bin online.

Home, watered all the indoor plants, and possibly some of the carpet.

Hot glued the spirit house to the top of the tiki torch, after removing the tank & wick & top. It fit perfectly. Stuck it into the ground in the front garden. Used my last glue rod, ordered more online.

Watched football. Lots and lots of college games on too many channels.

Lunch was corndogs and baked beans. Dinner was dim sum and steamed duck pieces. Grapes and popsicles for dessert.

If I can get a Comcast X1 DVR, I will be done with Tivo. Few of the football games showed up correctly in the Tivo channel guide, and it has been a PIA to schedule recordings because of that. One of the few diffs between the Tivo and the Comcast DVR is where they get the channel guide. Used to be Tivo had the best listing service and the best user interface. Comcast has leapfrogged them this year.

Brushed Spook. She loves to have her face brushed. She's not sure about the rest of her.

Watched hummingbirds when I went outside to water the plants. Saw a pair sharing, which is rare.

Did not go to the cat café because they were having a "build catnip toys" event, and it was going to be crowded. Better to go on a weekday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Comcast store, see about a DVR. Online all they offer is bundles I don't want.
Lots of football.
Janice for coffee

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