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A Better Day, Did stuff, ogled babes, took photos

Pretty much all of Plan A. Did the morning job search, por nada. Applied for my final unemployment insurance distribution, which will be just under $600 instead of the full $900 because of some days off I took when I was too ill to work way back near the beginning. :-(

I sold some mutual funds last week, the proceeds are in my checking account. Some will pay down my main credit card, but not all of it since it's 0% interest for now.

Went to Comcast, after waiting for 10 minutes for no apparent reason, got the DVR as planned, and a small deal on the rental. Put that in the hatchback, drove to the light rail park and ride one stop from downtown MV, and took the train to the MV street fair. It was huge this year. All the way from Evelyn to El Camino, about a mile, lined solidly (except for intersections) on both sides with booths, and some big displays at the intersections. Most of the side streets were one or two deep in food stalls. The Wells Fargo parking lot which is also the Chamber of Commerce parking lot was the kiddie area, with lots of fun stuff for the kids and a music stage. City Hall had the main music stage. There was one side street with a music stage and three or four lone musicians along the route.

Idiot bicycle policeman almost ran me over. On the sidewalk. I was so surprised I forgot to take his picture.

Photos are here.

Got light rail back to my car, and drove to Starbucks 2 hours early. There were some rude Chinese people this afternoon. Not much eye candy. One young blond woman (20-ish) in light camo t-shirt and pants, but no insignia, came in twice, both times taking out two drinks. The gear is similar to, but not the same as, what is worn by air force folk at the nearby Onizuka base.

Janice has a new hiking buddy, we'll see if it goes anywhere.

Home, preparing to put the Comcast DVR in place, I went online at Tivo to backup the stuff which was recorded on the livingroom unit to the bedroom unit, only to find the bedroom unit is an older model which doesn't support this. Turns out I put the wrong old one in the bedroom when I put the almost-new one in the livingroom to replace the newest one (which kept rebooting itself). Let's call them 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 1 being the oldest:
1 was in the bedroom, it is now on the shelf
2 was on the shelf, it is now in the bedroom
3 was and still is in the livingroom
4 was and is still on the shelf

I had to take the cable card out of #1 and install it in #2

Hunted through my old connectors and found a cable T, and two short lengths of coax. Disconnected #3's cable, connected it to the T, added a piece of coax, and connected that to #3. Added a second piece of coax to the other side of the T and connected it to the Comcast box. Connected an HDMI cable from the Comcast box to the A/V switch and programmed the switch with the new info.

Fired up the Comcast box and went through the setup questions, which were pretty simple. It worked first time, the voice recognition is excellent, the channel guide is a lot easier to read than Tivo's, and the only annoying thing is the "return to last channel watched" feature needs two clicks, because it shows every channel you have ever watched with the last one selected. I think in the order you watched them, so flipping between three channels is easy.

It took several tries to get #2 up and running again, but now the two football games, and Penn & Teller are on their way from #3.

Reprogrammed the Logitech remote to work with the Comcast box. It can't do voice, but it does everything else. The Comcast remote can only control the Comcast box, TV power and AV receiver's volume. Logitech can control those plus Tivo, Amazon Fire, Sony Blu-ray and switching the AV switch.

Next step will be to go through the list of to be recordeds on #3 and set them up in the Comcast box. I already have the upcoming Seahawks, Raiders & 49ers games for the next 2 weeks. 

After all that is done, maybe in 2 or 5 days, I'll move #3 to the bedroom, take the cable card out of #2 and send it back to Comcast for a $1.50/month credit, and put #2 on the shelf. Maybe I'll sell 1,2 & 4 on eBay. I need to check with Tivo on how to make them appear as not mine anymore, or better still see if the lifetime subscriptions on 1 & 2 can be used by whomever I sell them to.

Dinner was a small beef & rice dinner and a couple of sausages. The last ice cream sandwich for dessert. Took out the garbage. Watered the gardens.

Obligatory 9/11 comment:

I was brought up inundated by "never forget the Holocaust" and later with "never forget Masada".  I have tried very hard and mostly succeeded in forgetting both. 9/11 is the same for me. There is no room in my heart for the hatred which remembering assures. I don't see how remembering helps.

I will tell you my 9/11 story. One of my uncles was a welder who became a combat engineer in WWII, building bridges for the invasion of Europe. Anzio was one battle he was in the forefront of. Long after the war he was a NYC port authority inspector (for a while he was one of the managers of US customs at JFK airport). While the twin towers were being built (on port authority land) he regaled us with tales of corruption, everything from how the land was acquired to how the construction contracts were assigned aka bought). As I watched the towers implode, I remembered those stories. He is no longer with us, but his two sons are.

The older one was working in Manhattan when it happened, his wife worked so close windows in her building shattered. Their daughter was in school somewhere in between, and I remember him emailing that he collected his daughter from school, and they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get home. It was a long walk. I forget how his wife got home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage cans
Finish programming the Comcast box
Watch the two football games on the Tivo. I have chips & dip
Probably need to restock the freezer.


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