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From yesterday:
Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage cans
Finish programming the Comcast box
Watch the two football games on the Tivo. I have chips & dip
Probably need to restock the freezer

- I brought in the garbage, though it took a while because both the garbage and recycling trucks were way late.
- Programmed th Comcast box as well as possible within its parameters. Tivo lets you schedule to record a series which is not currently on its list of upcoming shows, Comcast does not.
- Watched the Seahawks/Dolphins game consuming half a family sized bag of Lay's classic chips and half a jar of French Onion dip to which I had added bacon bits. And called that lunch.

Drove out to Milpitas and Ranch 99 market, but the only frozen stuff I bought was a box each of coconut and durian popsicles.  Also a flat of frozen shiu mai. They had longons! I bought about 4 lbs. And nice big apples at $1.49/lb. Small bananas, I got some 1/4 green ones for later in the week. And grapes were on sale too. They had no frozen ha gow, so I bought some fresh ones and put those in the freezer for later. Also got a pack of cha shu bow.

There were tons of moon cakes on sale at exorbitant prices. I asked the cashier when the festival was, she said there was not festival, they just always sold moon cakes. WRONG. There was a woman from one of the high end moon cake companies standing by her display, I asked her and she said it was this Tuesday, the 15th. Yes! Wish I had someone to moon.

After stuff was put away, I watched the Raiders/NOLA game, sans chips/dip. Started out all Saints, ended up in a cliffhanger win for Oakland.

Delivered was the 100-pack of gun glue rods, and the compost bin. It only took a few minutes to set up the bin, half the battle was deciding where to site it. It just barely fits on the back retaining wall. It's basically a mesh tube with a solid cover and no bottom, held in place by 4 stakes. I shoveled the compost from the original tub into to bin, and while it had almost filled the tub, it barely made an impression in the bin. That had the effect of turning the compost, which was part of the plan, and I did see a couple of live worms in there. I should get another container of them from OSH. The directions which came with the bin were exactly what my sister had told me. So yay!

Still needed milk & frozen dinners, but since I was hungry I had dinner first, a beef thing and a durian popsicle, then went to Safeway and got what I needed, plus one ripe banana (theirs were small too) plus a pair of kiwi fruit, and a kiwano melon, aka small fruity weapon. And minced clams, for the dip which I was going to have with the chips as I watched the 49ers game.

Home, put everything away, was not hungry anymore so I watched the game with cola but not chips. I watched the Comcast DVR recording and got used to their slightly different controls. And was jazzed to see the upscaled UHD image. They don't do true 4k, but they do a solid 1080p, which is sharper than 1080i, but FF is not as smooth. The Logitech remote needs some buttons added (soft keys can be programmed into it) for skip forward & back, CC and letter keys (A,B,C, D). Not tonight.

Meanwhile, overnight the Tivo in the bedroom started to behave itself. But now that I know I want to keep the XFinity box, I'll put the livingroom Tivo back into the bedroom and put the bedroom Tivo back on the shelf, and maybe eBay.

Totally forgot. First thing in the morning, email from someone in VA who claimed she phoned and left voicemail, but didn't, with a contract to do web and photo stuff, content curating. Sounds like fun, and the contract is 6 months at close to my regular rate. It's at Apple in Santa Clara. Must be a startup they bought. Once she saw my web and Flickr pages, she put my application in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe I'll schedule a Tahoe tour. I can get a free overnight one from San Jose or Cupertino with my Chase card rewards.
I really ought to play the piano some


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