Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm done with the Internet for tonight

Mostly because it's kind of boring. Facebook is playing that game of showing me the same posts over and over, and almost none of my LJ friends post at all anymore. Twitter sometimes has something of interest, but not today.

And I'm tired of the lack of science and grammar online today.

I had what I thought was a normal sized dinner and a lot of dessert, even if it was mostly Thai fruit. My pre-bed Hgl was 115, so I only shot up half of the usual 150 units of regular insulin.
But at 2 am, I was awake with serious low sugar symptoms, 61 was shown on the meter. I ate a Klondike and a half, waited 45 minutes and was back in bed and out like a light till 6:30.

At 7:30 my lights came on as usual, and the radio, but not the TV. Turns out the power outage wiped out most of the TV's clock-related settings, so I had to do them over again.

Got email from an HR person about a company I'd applied for, the usual form letter saying no thanks. It was an agency, and this was my second reject from them. The only diff was the name at the bottom.

A couple of things showed up to apply for during the day. There is one I didn't go for which has been posted a few times, and it's no wonder they haven't filled it. I have all the skills, but it requires 66% global travel. Which means wearing a suit. It's a good company, I did a short contract for them in the past.

At 2 pm I remembered I was needing a manicure, so I went and had that done. They took me right away, so I didn't need to sit in Peet's nextdoor with the laptop & tablet. The new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in that shopping center finally has a sign with an opening date - 9/22. About a month behind schedule.

Home, set up the laptop on a TV table with a folding chair on the landing by the front door. It did a major update to Windows, better to do on my fast home wifi than on Peet's/Specialty's slow one. Did some more FB too.

It got cold so I went inside, was watching a replay of Below Deck, a reality show about crewing on a luxury yacht. I mostly watch it for the gorgeous women on the crew, and sometimes a guest or two is hot. The captain is a Hemingway look-alike and shares that author's gruff, few words attitude. This season's drama is between two alpha males, one is in charge of all the deck hands, the other resents not being in charge (because he has been in charge on another boat). Deck hand is a jerk, and moreso when drunk. In-charge-guy is so far handling it well, but when he asks the captain for advice he gets nothing.

Delivered was another webcam, which I set up and placed in the laundry room where I used to have one. Spook spends a lot of time by the carport door in that room, and sometimes I hit her with the door on my way in because it's an opaque door and I can't see her there. It worked fine for about 10 minutes, then stopped obeying left-right motion signals, and all the presets. It was a refurb, so I'm not surprised. It would have passed a spot check. It's going back tomorrow, and I've ordered a replacement. I've had more than a dozen of this make over the years, this is the second failure (the other stopped connecting to wi-fi).

So if you go to the howeird.com webcam page, don't expect LaundryCam to work yet.

I did two loads of laundry overnight, one is put away, the other is arranged on my bed waiting to be hung up. The long sleeved shirt I wore yesterday fit perfectly and was really nice, so instead of washing it I put it by the computer so I could look up the label and order more. But the label says it is from the tailor at the hotel in Bangkok I stayed at last time, and was part of a suit I had made for the ambassador's reception. They could make another if I emailed them, but the shipping would cost more than the shirt, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
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