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Caught By Surprise

It was another one of those restless nights, waking up a mere hour after hitting the pillow, and again another hour later. And two more times before the alarms and lights came on. As a result I was up and reading in bed at 7:35 when the phone rang, I sent it to voicemail but they didn't leave any. And again at 9 as I was en route to the shower. Both numbers later showed up in Indian Idiot recruiter email for the same job in El Segundo, about 400 miles away. Two agencies which have no clue they don't have an exclusive.

This morning's HB egg was especially hard to peel. And it was overcooked. From the same batch which had other eggs turn out fine. I need to ask Nancie how she does hers. She makes perfect deviled eggs almost weekly, apparently a North Carolina requirement.

I woke up thinking it was Friday. Somewhere during the morning that was corrected.

So the morning went like this: I did my usual morning stuff, did not find any jobs to apply for. Spook has been complaining that she is left out when I sit on the porch, and she has been clawing the screen door. So I started the day's shopping spree on Amazon by ordering a harness and leash for her. I'm pretty sure she will curl up on the floor of the porch a couple of feet from me as I read/watch hummingbirds. She may go crazy when the neighbors' dogs pass by. But that might be fun to watch.

Amazon reminded me it was time to order another batch of treats for her, and another batch of Werther's sugar-free hard caramels, which are my bedtime treat.

Drove out to the Marriott where UPS has a small office, and dropped off the defective webcam to go back to Amazon. As soon as the label was scanned, Amazon posted the refund. The replacement is due tomorrow. That's close to the Mercado center, one of my favorite Starbucks. First I checked to see if there was anything playing in the cineplex which I wanted to see, but nothing really. And there were only 3 people in line. Another message that people have jobs. Not very soothing to my ego.

Last night I had "bought" a bunch of free Kindle books, plus one for-pay, Hugo/Nebula winner Three-Body Problem. Written in Chinese and translated to English, the author & translator have been at it for a few years, and I have enjoyed everything they did. I downloaded them to the tablet at *$s. Windows Depender keeps telling my browsers that the login for Starbucks via Google's network is too dangerous, but I get around it by entering the sbux URL. Annoying, though.

I found a bunch of jobs to apply for on Ziprecruiter. I'm pretending I can write scripts. Which I can, but not all day. And as I was checking something on the calendar, saw that in 90 minutes I was due back at the mobile home park for a workshop by Legal Aid on what services they offer, especially power of attorney.

Only three others showed up, but the lawyer who did the presentation chatted with us before and after, and the presentation was very good. The homeowner's association social director was there, and arranged to have the lawyer come back Oct. 1, when there is the monthly birthdays & anniversaries celebration, which ought to get her a larger audience.

The free POA session isn't till mid November, and it's on a weekday so I hope hope hope I will be employed and can't make it. She (lawyer) also said they do not handle small claims issues, or taking the landlord to court for changing the rules without proper notice. She was amazed that the park manager refused to supply me with the list of rules, as that's required by law. She suggested I ask the corporation which owns the park for the "CCNR" which is that list. She said the corporation usually has it on their web site, but I haven't seen it.

Got to know a couple of people, which is a plus.

Home, set up to record Thursday Night Footall. Lunch was chips & dip and longons.

Delivered were both boxes of KIND bars. They are billed as healthy alternatives to candy bars, and taste great too. I have only eaten 3 today, which is 1 too many (had to sample both flavors, right?). Amazon had said they would be delivered one box today and one tomorrow.

Drove out to Orchard Supply, hoping for earthworms, but they didn't have any. Bought a bag of chicken manure compost and a bag of mulch, another aloe plant and a small paint roller & pan kit and an extension pole.

Home, checked to see if the pole would let me paint the spot above the office door (yes it will) without using a ladder. Yay! Dumped the two bags of stuff into the compost bin, on top of a bunch of table scraps which I'd put there on my way out this morning. Banana peels, longon skins, potato chips too small to dip, and an apple which is past its prime. The bin is now about 1/3 full, and looks like it is now capable of composting.

Watched football, saw the Jets almost give the game away. But Buffalo was worse.

Dinner was Meatish Swedeballs, longons and a KIND bar. Egg cream for dessert.

Tried to play with Spook with one of the feather-on-a-stick toys, but pretty much all she did was whine. :-(

But she has been playing - some toys I have not seen in weeks are showing up again.

Plans for tomorrow:

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