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That doesn't look like Tahoe To me

So this happened: Up and about by 8:30, did my morning stuff, then made a pair of PNB&J sandwiches and put some grapes in a ziploc, added a bottle of ice water and a cold pack and two KIND bars to my lunch box. Got the camera and a couple of batteries, and put the laptop, mouse & tablet in a light knapsack. Just in case, I loaded my Sharks jacket as well.

Punched a hotel in South Lake Tahoe into the GPS and followed the directions. At about the 2 hour mark I was approaching Sacramento, and was feeling significantly tired, and it wasn't as much that I didn't want to risk continuing as much as not wanting to drive back all that way. Traffic was insane. Literally insane. It's a 65mph road, 55 for anything with a trailer, and these double trucks are doing 80, weaving in and out of lanes like it's NASCAR. I'm getting tailgated by F150's at 70 mph when there are other lanes free both sides.

Horrible driving. Not a cop in sight.

I almost took 99/I-5 back from Sacto, but that would have been more of the same, so I stuck it out till Hwy 50, and at Placerville took Hwy 49 south through Gold Country, aiming for Drytown. I wanted to stop in Placerville, but missed the turnoff, and once on 49 there's no way back for miles.

In 1986 I spent a summer performing in Drytown on weekends with a melodrama troupe. The company was based in San Carlos, on the SF Peninsula, and was mostly lawyers and realtors who owned this historic theater. We rehearsed in San Carlos, and had four people cast in each role. They drew up a schedule based on everyone's availability (most folks took vacations, or had other commitments). On average everyone was onstage once a month. And we were expected to be up there two more weekends to help with maintenance. In addition to the theater, there was a barracks across the street where we could stay for free, almost - we had to help with meals and doing dishes. Some of the cast booked rooms at the tiny motel across the highway.

There was a fire, I think it was on an Easter weekend, and they moved the performances to Jackson, about 20 miles south. And then it faded out.

After repairing the building, it was sold to an antiques dealer, and maybe 10 summers ago I visited and chatted with them, they said they had never seen a show there but from time to time other performers came by.

This time the shop was closed, though some of the other antique shops were open across the highway. Nowadays there is probably enough traffic that they could have made a living until it starts to snow.

It was sad to see that the former caretaker's house next door is a mess, the barracks building has been turned into a huge family house with a 2-car garage and a small barn-shaped shed. Lovely wrought iron fence. The oldest building in town is next to the caretaker's, and it's a bigger mess. Good news is the bar where I learned I Wanna Play Piano in a Whorehouse from our elderly pianist has been spruced up a bit, they added an outdoor section and nicer signage.

Next stop was a little off 49, Ione. It's pronounced Eye-Own. I don't think I had ever stopped off there before, but I had driven through once or twice back in the day. Photos of that historic place coming soon.

Wound my way to Stockton, and told the GPS to take me home, and it got me into a massive backup on Hwy 84, took me half an hour to go a block. It kept saying the exit was for I-580, while displaying Hwy 84 correctly. I've been caught in that mess before, long ago enough that it should have been fixed by now. But the sign says late next year...

It was only a little after 3, so to avoid the worst rush hour traffic I stopped off in Tracy and parked at a Starbucks. Beating me to the door was a gang of five women who each massed more than me. It was not a pretty line to wait behind. It took about 20 minutes to get my drink, but there was a table where I was able to set up the laptop and waste time online till about 5.

GPS tried to send me on a shortcut which was backed up several miles, when an exit 5 miles down the road was clear. It's supposed to have a traffic monitor and reroute when needed but that's not working.

Got home before dark, put stuff away. I had eaten the snack bars on the way home, but the sandwiches and grapes were untouched. They were for a picnic on the shore of the lake, you see.

Delivered was the replacement webcam, which is now set up in the laundry room and working.

Had a brilliant idea to look for casino bus runs to Lake Tahoe, but nobody is doing individual tickets, just charters. And mostly in Chinese.  So I bit the bullet and booked a train/bus connection on Amtrak, with 2 nights at Harvey's ($64/night special). Leaving at the crack of WTF on Monday, but aside from that it looks like an easy trip. The alternative was fly to Reno and rent a car for an hour's drive, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

Plans for tomorrow:
Paint the spot above the office door and put the ladder back into the shed
Try to find the program from my 1982 Forum performance. And while I'm at it, put away the El Capitan score & program. Those are all in a storage box in the shed under some stuff.
Dump all the failed indoor plants & soil into the compost bin
Maybe phone a sister or two
Maybe write to a friend in London, Ontario who is allergic to the Internet.
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