Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got stuff done, terrorized the cat, watched football

Today was a to-do-list day. But it was preceded by a to-don't morning. Injected early, and as usual when Hgl was ~~ 150, I injected 150 units. Almost But then I took into account the early dinner, the healthy dessert, and only shot up 125. Despite that, at about 2 am my Hgl was down to 59. This time I resisted the temptation to rush it, only had one Klondike bar, and waited till I was almost asleep in the recliner before going back to bed.

Morning Hgl was 114, which is excellent.

The list:

  1. Watered all the indoor plants
    • Moved a couple of the gnat-eating sundew plants to the side of the compost jar

  2. Finished the paint job over the office door
    • Used the extension rod from OSH
    • Discovered, when I put it away, I already had a longer extension rod which I used to use to untangle the flag
    • Still need to get on the stepladder with white paint and touch up the lower molding. Goof-off didn't work :-(

  3. Dumped the compost from the jar into the bin

  4. Dumped the potting soil from three failed orchid pots and two failed fuchsia hanging planters into the compost bin

  5. Pulled out the tubs with my scripts/scores
    • There was no room to add El Capitan so I added another tub to the collection and transferred several recent scores to that one

Delivered was:
  1. 100 AAA Duracells
  2. 8 packs of assorted cat treats
  3. A dozen packs of Werther's sugar free caramel hard candies (me treats)
  4. A leopard patterned pet harness**
Lunch was kind of a FAIL. I had planned on the two sandwiches from yesterday and the other half of the can of baked beans. Completely forgot and had something else, which I have completely forgotten now.

Ran the photos from Drytown and Ione through the autocontrast/sharpen filter. Will probably process for content tomorrow and post on Flickr.

Met Janice for coffee. Her love life continues to evolve. No meeting next weekend, too many conflicts. She was surprised I had never been to Tahoe, and offered to take me as far as Sacto next week on her way to a friend's. But Sacto is the easy part of the trip on the train, and I told her I'd booked already. She was impressed with the hotel price.

Home, used the Xfinity box to switch between three football games. The one I really wanted wasn't on TV (UWash vs PDX State). But a new UW marching band friend on FB (new on Facebook, 1971-2 IRL) posted scores. Tivo can only switch between two. Set up right, the Comcast box can choose between about a dozen.

Dinner was a small Marie C beef pot pie, which was not enough so after I nuked a sausage. Dessert was about a pound of longons.

** I tried to put the harness on Spook, but she was terrified of it in my hands. When I just left it on the floor she inspected it and played with it a little. But it is really a doggie harness, the front paws have to go through holes in the front, and there is no way Spook can be made to do that while still breathing. So I ordered a more cat-friendly one, and we'll see how that goes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the paint trim job
Target: Small paper bowls and plates.
Pack (light) for the trip.
Get an Amtrak parking pass for Monday

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