Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early to bed, early to rise

Makes for confusions and bleary eyes.

Fewer things to do today, but they were done and then some.
Amtrak, waited in line for 15 minutes before an agent showed up (this at about 10 am on their busiest day of the week). Asked the woman for a parking ticket, she pointed to the Caltrain machine, and I said, no, no, no, for the Amtrak lot (to which I pointed) and she backpedaled saying that doesn't need a ticket it needs a parking pass. She looked at my eticket and handed me a pass. A blank one. She's supposed to stamp it, and put the from-to dates on it. I can put the dates on myself, that should be enough.

Target, bought all the paper bowls and plates on my list, and a set of 5 paint brushes because the set cost $7 while a single very posh looking brush (the only alternative) was $7.
Restocked Swiffer juice, got a couple of travel sized toiletries, and a shelf liner roll which would make a good base for the cat fountain, which has been vibrating ever since I tossed the laundry mat.

Home, saw that a friend whose photography I love and admire has moved her stash to Google Photos, so I looked up the deal, and it's free. I installed the program on the PC and discovered what I already knew- all my phone photos are already there. So now it is uploading about 120,000 of the photos on my PC, which would take all week if I let it. But since I'll be away for the next 2 days and I do not like my PC running when I'm not here, it will have to stop after I turn it off in a few minutes and resume when I get back.

I checked to make sure my external drive backup ran this morning too.

Touched up the border of the office door with what was labeled as ultra-bright white paint, using the smallest of the Target brushes. It lied, it's off-white, but it looks better than splotches of blue.

Xfinity had not been told to record the 49ers game, so I watched the last half live. And then the Raiders game, which was recorded, so i was able to skip commercials. Both games were horrible to listen to - the commentators were brazenly rooting for the other team, and by the end of the Raider's game, the play caller was shouting and cheering as if he was employed by Atlanta. Boo, hiss. They did not show the hall of fame ceremony at halftime, so double boo hiss. They did sneak in a long distance shot of John Madden in a golf cart and a long-ago kicker teasing one of the coaches about his grey hair. Both game were a bust for the local team.

Lunch during the first game was hot dogs & baked beans. Dinner during the last game was Marie C honey roasted chicken, which will not be on my shopping list again. It says it is made from white chicken breast, but that's in the same way plywood is made from real knotty pine. Rubbery. Yuk.

Am almost all packed, am using my multi-pouch knapsack because the dino pack has too few compartments for more than a day trip.

Plans for tomorrow:
4:45 am wake-up
Leave for Amtrak by 6
6:40 train to Sacto
10:15 bus to S. Lake Tahoe
#50 local bus to Harvey's
Fake it from there.

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