Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Can I go to bed now?

12:48 am

Today went sort of as planned, checked out at 11:30, went to the Starbucks in the lobby and had an ice tea and a morning bun. About noon I went back to the gondola to take some photos, then to the bus station, way too early. As I was waiting the weather went from summer to fall in 10 minutes, temp dropped about 15° and it rained a little from very high clouds.

Lots of waiting because I really had nothing I wanted to do. Read some stories on the Kindle app. Played Ingress. Did I mention that yesterday when I was capturing portals in Carson City all of a sudden it upgraded me to level 7? That meant I could do a lot more damage, because I'd hacked about 80 level 7 weapons since Day 1, but couldn't use them till yesterday.

Bus left at 2:05, only a few passengers. We picked up a couple more at the other stop, and then it was a quiet ride through light rain to Placerville. I was on the left side, to get the photos I missed by being on the left side coming up, but being two lanes further right, and lots of window glare, most of the pix I took are going to be deleted.

A few miles from Sacramento we hit all kind of traffic, and people were driving like it's a good idea to cut off a bus when you're in something eminently squishable. And it's a confusing set of on/off ramps, some cars looked totally lost. Worst case was traversing 10 lanes from a standstill. Not us, though.

Arrived in Sacto early, time enough to hit the restrooms, buy a couple of Payday bars at the machines. The station is still being renovated, they are latelatelate and there is no longer a shop in-house. The yellow jacket bite was still bothering me and I wanted to get something for it.

We were so early that I walked the half mile to the train, and still had a 20-minute wait to board.

The windows were filthy, so I tuned off the camera, capped it and yanked the GPS cable.

Did some reading, a tiny bit of Ingress, checked the webcams but Spook was not visible - probably in the bedroom cat bed which is out of sight if the bedroom door is open. I may need to remount that camera.

About an hour to go, the young woman sitting behind me wanted to chat, so we did for the rest of the trip. UCSC student, was able to rattle off coherent phrases in several languages, does accents too.

Got to San Jose only a tiny bit early, thanks to some slow signals around Hayward. Found my car and was home by 9:30. Unpacked, sorted the mail, uploaded the photos and added missing geotags, downloaded the latest transactions to Quicken.

Made some fried rice & BBQ pork for dinner, longons for dessert while watching Below Deck. Too much drama, and very poorly edited. Choppy. Watched Monday's PTI but Tuesday & Wednesday were pre-empted for a hockey game. And there was a huge pair of audio drop-outs, so the problem is ESPN, not Tivo. Grrrrr.

Medicated the insect bite. Iced it a little too.

Plans for tomorrow:
RSVP the USPS job workshop invite
Maybe go to the career fair at 11
Dentist at 2
Process photos

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