Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Starting late again, I know not why.

Somewhat sleepless night, more waking up than usual, blame it on the temperature drop. It's usually >75 overnight, last night was in the mid 60's. Spook mostly camped out in the cat bed by the hampers, but made a few trips across the bed to the cat tree and to the window sills. I can't see the cat bed from the webcam, and I think that's where she spent most of my vacation.

Turned off the 7:30 alarms, but was woken up at 9 by Automation Guy phoning. We had a shorter than usual chat because he has a cold and I was still mostly asleep.

In the mail yesterday, besides one of my meds and a better cat harness was a postcard for a USPS exam workshop. RSVP required it said. I called the number, it tried to go to voicemail but the mailbox was full, so it gave me the machine for the main San Francisco PO, which was totally useless. I'll just show up Saturday and see what happens. Not keen on a PO job if I have to wear a uniform.

Skipped breakfast, just had a KIND bar on the way to a career fair. It was supposed to be 100+ employers across the whole range of industries, and I had an eVite Q-code VIP pass. It was cleverly hidden in one of the smaller Doubletree conference rooms, no signage at all, just a woman at a desk with a sign-in sheet, and no bar code scanner. FAIL #1. In the room, there are only about a dozen employers, and the few high tech ones were only looking for sales people. There were two police departments, a couple of colleges, a private preschool, a health care for veterans non-profit. No tech jobs at all. FAIL #2.

At least I was out of there in time to get free parking ($5/hr otherwise).

Home, put some juice into the car so I'd still be electric for my trip to the dentist. Lou, my 89-year-old across the street neighbor came calling, asking me to help him figure out the HP printer he got for $30 at a flea market. Turns out to be a very nice fairly new basic inkjet, only 2 cartridges and both can be accessed without turning on the machine. I showed him how to pop them out and in and told him about the scanner/copier (which is really his best use for it) and he'll take the black cartridge to Fry's to get it filled.

Back to the PC, there was one possible job from a recruiter in DC for a Sunnyvale site. One of my former co-workers had also been contacted by that recruiter and mentioned my name.

Later in the day I got a completely wrong job description from someone with the same not very common first name. Confused me for a bit before I saw it was a different last name. And some Indian bozoid phoned while I was getting in the car, I told him no, this is not a good time to talk, send me email. He said he had, and yes, there it is, an opening in El Segundo, 400 miles away. Ugly town too.

Got to the address for the dentist, and found it was an Indian restaurant. But wait, around the side of the building is the Quarter Note tavern, which is owned by a former HP co-worker and her husband. We went scuba diving in Cozumel together in 1985, I think it was. And then next door to that was the dentist.

Long form to fill out, a bit of a wait, the assistant was a bit clumsy with the x-rays and polishing, but the dentist was fine. She did some due diligence with the medical history, and said I have no cavities and did not tell me to floss more.

Checking out, there was only a $10 co-pay. I was expecting more.

No eating or drinking for half an hour due to fluoride treatment, so I headed home instead of redeeming my free Starbucks reward. But wait, today is the opening of the long-awaited grocery outlet where Fresh'n'Easy died a slow, painful death almost a year ago. So I stopped in, checking things out. It's kind of a hodge podge, they buy overstock and off-brand items, and try to keep prices low. I was only looking, the only thing I would have bought was quinoa, but they didn't have any. I may go back tomorrow for a couple of items which caught my eye.

Home, plowed through the job email and applied for one spot at Akamai. Facebooked, caught up on days of RSS news feeds and completely forgot about the latest travel photos. I am now 5 albums behind. Google photos continues to upload all my stuff, but I get a lot of errors on photos too big to upload. Flickr uploader will resize for me. I want to kill everything on Google and start again an album at a time. Or maybe a year at a time. But I don't see a way to do that without it also killing the photos on my PC. :-(

Made a late lunch of macaroni & sharp cheddar.

Took a nap on the couch, Spook was very vocal about that, and hopped onto the back and walked across it, and parked for a while near my feet, but soon decided that was too close.

Remembered there was football, and I was out of chips, so I assembled a small Groc list and went to Lucky's. Got quinoa (they had three brands, each a different variety), bananas, only one half gallon of milk because it's expensive there, but I splurged on chocolate (Ghrardelli's dark squares were on sale) and on a whim bought a bottle of the cheapest champagne they had. I don't usually like the stuff, but something told me it would go well with the chips & dip.

Home at about 7, the game was far enough along to watch it on the DVR, FF through the commercials, but as low as I made the center speakers, those commentators were shouting so hard that I had to mute the whole thing from time to time. It isn't radio, stupid network managers, we don't need every second of air time filled with voices. I'd rather hear the fans and only get play by play as the play is ongoing. And really not even that because I can see it right there in front of me.

Added minced clams to the French onion/bacon dip and consumed most of a medium bag of chips. Lay's original. No cardboard baked faux chips for me.

Started with a glass of diet coke, but graduated to a glass of champagne. It was an excellent pairing. And made me a wee bit drowsy but not much.

Outside, watered all the gardens & the compost.

Plans for tomorrow:
Redeem my Starbucks reward
Play some Ingress
refill the hummingbird feeders
Try to put the harness on Spook
Mourn the passing of Summer, knowing though that October can be the hottest month of the year here.
Mount the bedroom cam over the door where it can see all the cat haunts

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