Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bite Me!

A lot of the day was spent trying to reduce the itch and swelling from the bee sting on the inside of my leg where the knee meets the calf, and a new insect bite, probably a mosquito, on my back just out of reach.

Did my usual job search routine first, then went to the new Grocery Outlet ISO oral Benedryl, baking soda and meat tenderizer. Found generic #1, real #2 but they had nothing for #3. While I was there I picked up some bargains. 2 mangoes the size of papayas $3 the pair, a $12 package of Payday bars for $6, $12 Seattle smoked salmon for $6, and Tillamoook muenster slices for $2 (i bought two). Also got a few small items which were new to me. Checked out their champagne prices, and they had a brut for as low as $6. Pretty big wine section packed into a corner.

Home, found meat tenderizer in the back of the spice cabinet, took two benedryl capsules, made a paste of water & tenderizer & baking soda and applied that to the bee sting. That helped a lot. Also put on a cold pack for a bit.

Lunch was supposed to be a smoked turkey leg, but bit had been in a ziploc in the fridge for too long, so I had week-old PNB&J sandwich and I forget what else.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders, went out on the porch to watch, but the antihistamine knocked me out and I started to doze off, so I went inside and took a nap.

Woke up about 4, drove downtown, and there was a pair of parking spaces by the charger, but the charger was out of service. :-(

Upstairs to the plaza, went ~~ on Ingress and captured a set of blue portals and linked a few (did not have enough high level stuff to link them all) but being level 7 with a backlog of weapons is fun.

Starbucks, there was negative eye candy, so I didn't sit in my usual place. Had a free frapp and pointed the laptop to Google photos and over the course of 90 minutes deleted all the photos which had randomly autoloaded. They only let you select 1500 at a time to delete, and there were 25,000 to deal with. The automatic desktop app does not upload in any logical order, and then it does a crappy job of sorting by place, type and date.

Home at about 7, used the manual uploader to start with the Thailand scanned images from 1975-77. They are not in order, but maybe I can make albums now which are. After that I'll do albums year by year. Google will probably do better sorting with my digital photos because they are mostly GPS tagged, and all have EXIF timestamps.

Watched USC blow a chance to beat Utah, dinner was half a DiGiorno pizza. There's a story. Tonight was a biweekly pizza night in Saratoga for theater friends, and I wanted to go because there are a lot of shows opening this weekend so a lot of friends will be there after. But I didn't want to drive after taking another benedryl, so call it a sympathy/empathy pizza.

Having another glass of champagne, and it is hurting my upper lip where the clumsy assistant burned a notch with the polisher. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Check out the USPS job workshop
College football
Maybe try making quinoa

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