Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two churches in one day

Keeping it short at almost 1 am.
This morning was an early wake-up, and as suspected there was no need to RSVP for the postal service workshop. It was in the all purpose room/gym of the school at the local Catholic church. It was an okay half-hour presentation which walked us (200 or so) through the basic parts of the test. The postal managers who gave the presentation claimed that everyone has to pass the carrier exam to get any job at USPS, but that sounds like a crock. They had left a print out of the material on each chair, and apologized that the ppt presentation was not given because they could not figure out how to hook up the computer. The room definitely is built for it.

The after-presentation questions were interminable, and may still have been going on when I left after half an hour of them. Mot of those had been answered in the talk.

Home by way of Target, where I got a sponge on a stick so I could treat the mosquito bite on my back, and also some topical drugs for the bee sting. And an electric can opener, because my manual one died.

Tested it on a can of minced clams, made clam dip, and lunch was chips & dip & milk. Target also had a good price for 2% lactose free, but I only had room for one.

Watched some football, napped a little, tried to get Spook to stay on my lap but got tired of fighting her after 10 minutes. The new harness was also a non-starter. She is completely scared of it.

Uploaded all my Thai 1975-77 pix to Google photos, and started the painful task of creating albums from them.

Found a couple of jobs to apply for.

Booked a lot of faces.

6 pm headed to Campbell for a karaoke meetup. Someone got the great idea of using her church's superb sound system and main chapel, so we could have a civilized session. It was excellent. Friendly, no pressure, I was able to lurk for most of the evening, but at one point late in the game they played a tune meant for someone who had already gone home, and it was one of my favorite Herman's Hermits tunes, End of the World in my key so I put on my stage voice from my seat and the MC put a mike in my hand. They had me do Piano Man later when they ran out of volunteers. Out of the dozen or so participants, three of the men and three of the women (including the MC) were very good, the rest were either volume or holding-a-tune-challenged. Everyone had fun, especially as it ended in a sing-along of a few tunes we all knew.

Home, made a couple of small frozen dishes. Grapes for dessert. Caught up on TMZ.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much.

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