Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just when I thought this was going to be an early journaling night

I woke the PC up from sleep mode at 9 pm, and it took till 11 to install the latest Windows 10 update. Without asking. Boo, hiss.

Slept till 11, waking up every three hours or so. At about 10 Spook head-butted my hand, which I have learned is her way of saying "it's time for treats". I went back to sleep. She went back to the cat tree and curled up.

Noon-ish, I used shower time to try CLR on the glass shower doors. It did not make them any cleaner. Scrubbing bubbles does a slightly better job, and smells less caustic.

By noon it was already 86°, I decided to stay inside with the aircon at 74. The only outside time was a minute to unplug the car, about 5 minutes in the evening to take the garbage/recycle bins out to the curb, and another 5 minutes to water all the gardens. The temp outside the house stayed between 93 and 97 all afternoon, cooled down to 92 by an hour after sundown.

I watched the Seahawks destroy the 49ers on DVR delay, and was highly amused by this ad:

It was a main sponsor of the game, ads at almost every break. The amusement is the Seahawks' first star quarterback was Jim Zorn, in their early days from 1976–83, second string in 1984 and he returned twice to be on the coaching staff. He does have a son, Isaac, who is a star lacrosse player, a senior, at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg PA.

Lunch during the game was the last of the chips & dip, and two slices of reheated pizza.

Did my job search stuff, facebooked, checked out the USPS careers page and there is nothing in CA except carrier jobs.

Dinner time coincided with the Cowboys stuffing the Bears, on DVR, fast forwarding past ads and muting the sound when the commentators went all philosophical on us. Call the game, jerkoffs. They also had severe problems showing their sidelines bimbo when she had something to report. 7,580 cameras and they couldn't point one in her direction. And worse than that, they kept showing the same cheerleader. Okay, the cheerleader has killer abs, so I shouldn't complain that much.

Watched an episode of Penn & Teller Fool Us while the PC updated. I love that they ditched their original dull as a doorpost British host for the amazingly pert and perky artist formerly known as Willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe NOVA will call with an appointment with a training counselor. I apparently am entitled to 6 more months of unemployment $$  and tuition if I enroll in some kind of career training. I filled in a request this morning.
Depends on the weather, whether I go anywhere else.

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