Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A scorcher

Today was hotter than yesterday. I spared the air in that I used no gasoline in today's drive. But I did two loads of washing (too hot to fire up the dryer) and the air conditioner was one a lot.

Restless night. Lots of worries about my impending homelessness. Yeah, I'm being melodramatic, but SS is only going to cover the rent & mortgage. Car, internet, food, medicine funds will run out in maybe 2 years. I need at least a job to stretch that out, and there are none out there. Just got email from a former Microsoft colleague, we shared an office and have the same skill set - actually he may have a little more - he has also been out of work for 5 months. His group at MSFT was sold to Ericcson, which laid them off. His next gig was the one I was canned from at Netflix, but he left after a year.

Ex boss and ex-boss' boss haven't as much as had an interview. Only one laid of co-worker besides Automation Guy landed a job, but it sucked so he left. He found another, but he's a coder so it doesn't count.

One guy who did not get laid off quit, and got a job I'd seen advertised, but it's field installation, 60% worldwide travel.

This morning NOVA called in response to my request for a training advisor appointment. No can do, my membership expired. They made an appointment for me to re-register in 2 weeks. Bureaucratic BS, hey have all my info, and it's easy for them to verify I've run out of unemployment insurance. That should have bumped me to a higher level, not expired my account. Jesus on a pogo stick.

My calendar said today Kaiser was giving flu shots. Coincidentally I needed to drop off my sharps container and get a replacement, so I drove the MV and discovered they are only doing shots on Thursdays. That was not what the email said. Pharmacy said prescription for a free sharps container had expired. WTF? And it would take 24-72 hours to get it approved. So I paid the $4.65 for an OTC one. Same item, different stash. :-(

There was a sign saying there was a Medicare workshop at 2:30, an it was already2 pm, so I checked it out. Nope, it was a sales pitch for people who are thinking of enrolling, not info for those who already drank the Kool Aide.

Down the road to Starbucks,  had a mocha and did some job hunting and facebooking and enjoyed the air conditioning. 97° outside. Stopped at Safeway on the way home for chips & champagne. Much cheaper than 7-11.

Homeward, dashboard thermometer hit its peak at 103°.

Finished watching the Raiders-Titans game over chips, dip & bubbly. Facebooked some, studiously avoided the debate, except to post this:

When Monday Night Football was an hour in, I fired up the DVR and watched the Saints shoot themselves in the foot just enough to not have a chance to beat the Falcons. Switched from champagne to quasi-mimosas - diet orange soda and bubbly.

Too hot to have a microwave meal, so I had cold cuts & HB egg instead. Which reminds me, lunch was bargain smoked salmon from Seattle via Grocery Outlet. It was not lox-like, and not really smoked. More like baked and vacuum sealed in mylar. I also poured half a jar of marinated artichoke hearts onto the plate, but is was clear they had been in the fridge too long after opening, and I didn't even trust them to the compost jar.

Ah yes, this morning I emptied the jar into the compost bin, and was pleasantly surprised that the contents of the jar were already steaming. I need to add a layer of dirt to the bin sometime soon.

Played with Spook a little tonight, she's been very frisky today. But she's also severely ADHD, so it did not last long.

Just for grins, I uploaded my Carson City photos to Google and made an album. Click here

Sometime tonight it ought to cool down enough to run the dryer.

I played the piano today. Boy am I rusty, and boy did the last tuner screw up the soft pedal setting.

Plans for tomorrow:
I suppose I should go to the dump and get some dirt. Depends on how long it stays cool enough to go out.


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