Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing to report

Slept well. 9 am Automation Guy called but I didn't answer. We chatted later in the day.

Finished two dryer loads before then, while it was still 60°.

Took a soda out to the porch and continued reading Three Body Problem. It is a lot different than I expected. Very Chinese. Very political. Huge gaps in time (on purpose, part of the plot structure).

Took a reading break to phone middle sister who had a knee replaced Wednesday. She said no, refrigerator magnets would not stick to her knee. I was seriously disappointed to hear that. This is not the first time she would beep going through airport security - years ago she had a pin in a finger to brace a fracture, but it melted away over time.

About a chapter after the call, it was 86° and just too warm to stay outside. No breeze, which is rare for my porch.

Inside, bumped the thermostat down to 76. Applied for a couple of jobs. Probably not qualified for either of them.

Caught up on DVR programs. PTI, TMZ.

Channel surfed and realized the Comcast DVR shows me all the channels, not just the ones I subscribe to, not just the ones I want to see. There are 6 Spanish language channels - I thought I only had two. Need to find out how to hide the kiddie stations, Spanish, and subscriptions.

Did not drive anywhere. I went outside in the morning just long enough to unplug the car. 

Lunch was thawed whitefish, HB egg, muenster cheese on sourdough bread. Dinner was meatish swedeballs and an experiment - something called "waterless ramen" which was on sale 2/$1 at the new market. They lied. cheapo ramen brick in a rectangular pan. Add boiling water, pop on the lid, wait 5 minutes, drain the water and sprinkle on the powder. Stir and eat. 5 minutes is not enough time to make the ramen very soft. Too much pepper in the powder. FAIL.

Still have two loads of laundry on the bed to put away. I know Spook will help.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive way south to Little Saigon for live worms. Maybe get a massage.
Add the worms to the compost bin. Add another layer of dirt. Or manure.

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