Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humped a bit

Did all the things and then some
Manicure at 10
unplanned browse through the new grocery and spent about $40. Grocery Outlet/Bargain market is an odd place, they mostly only sell things from other supermarkets' overstock, which means they have a lot of oddball brands, and oddball flavors of well known brands. But the discounts are way deep (I spent $12 on a box of KIND bars which I'd paid $22 for on Amazon last week. Slightly different flavor, but still delicious).
Home, put stuff away
South San Jose, Little Saigon, brought my little cooler with some cold packs, bought some live worms at the fishing supply store.
A couple of miles down the road to a BofA ATM for some cash then
back to the same strip mall for a massage
Very young Vietnamese woman (18+ but probably <21) started in okay, but got stuck in robot mode, rubbing my left side over and over again. I asked her if she had been trained & certificated, and she silently leaves the room. About 5 minutes later a slightly older woman arrives, tells her (I assume, because it was in Vietnamese) she has it under control and proceeds to give an excellent professional massage.
Off to the nearest OSH looking for manure. They have none. But they do have 3 cubic feet of garden soil for $5, compared to several brands where half that costs the same or more. Also bought a pair of variegated leaf garlic plants which are flowering.
Home, chatted with across the street neighbor woman who imagines that next door neighbor woman beats the elderly dog. She also reported that said dog runs loose at 5 am, and sometimes pees on my porch and sleeps there. That latter is true. Spook sometimes sits in that window and teases the dog.
Put a couple of containers of worms into the compost bin.
Inside, grabbed a dolly, a box cutter and a garden clipper. Outside:
- chopped off the dead branch of the 2-branch vine growing in a square on the side of the carport. Untangled the dead from the living, put the dead in the compost bin
- Slit open the package of soil, shoveled about half of it into the bin until the dead branches were covered
- watered that down and added the rest of the worms. The small redworms burrowed in immediately, except for a couple of dead ones, the nightcrawlers were still crawling around (except for dead ones - maybe 5 of the dozen).
- Planted the two garlics in the front garden near the spirit house.

Put the shovel back in the shed, closed up the soil package, brought the cooler inside, tossed the cold packs into the freezer and stowed the cooler above the fridge. Forgot about the box cutter until I started to write this and it poked out of the little 5th jeans pocket.

Had a slice of chocolate cake form this morning's store purchases. Channel surfed while eating that.

Lots of email messages about jobs, went through them, applied for a couple. A lot of the ones in email were duplicates of things I've already applied for.

Am starting to consider menial jobs. I just don't like having to wear a uniform.

LinkedIn, boss's boss landed a good gig at Western Digital. There was another couple of jobs in my queue to apply for.

Dinner was Marie C zitti with sausage bits, to which I added a couple of slices of Swiss cheese. That was a Grocery Outlet purchase, I haven't seen that variety in Safeway/Lucky's. Channel surfed, mostly the weather channel and Bravo.

Looking at Quicken, I didn't see this month's Medicare payment. I enrolled in autopay, but they do that by snailmail, and I had not seen anything saying I was enrolled. Went online, couldn't find anything on mymedicare.com saying whether I owed them anything. Could not find a confirmation of auto-pay, or a bill. But it reminded me that I could apply for Social Security. Actually it reminded me I could have applied in August. No matter, it won't kick in until November. So I applied, asking to start direct deposits on 11/1/16, but there's a bit of confusion because it asks how much I expect to earn in 2016 and 2017, so I had to make up some numbers. 2016 was easy, I know what I was paid + severance + unemployment insurance. I'm assuming I may not find a job till 2017. For 2017 I computer $15/hr full time for a year.  And they had room for a note, so I explained my guesswork.

Plans for tomorrow:

Kaiser, flu shot
Maybe check into urgent care and have them look at a possible shingles rash.
Maybe Ingress around downtown Mountain View. Lots and lots of portals on and near Castro St.
Car wash?

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