Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day Things Went Right

Decent sleep last night. For no reason I could tell, as soon as I was up, Spook slid open the bedroom closet and hid on the opposite side. I opened the other side just to see, then closed it again.

Got to Kaiser at 10, in time for a flu shot but the line was a mile long so i went upstairs to wait the half hour for my doctor's appointment. Just as I started reading from the Kindle app, the nurse took me inside. BP was good, weight was down, O2 was a tiny bit low. Doctor got to me in 5 minutes, pronounced the arm blemish as not shingles but a symptom of extremely dry skin, and prescribed high potency lotion and suggested I also pick up an OTC skin cream which she named. And she said I could avoid the line and have my flu shot up there, and said to have the high octane one.

The nurse said no, there was a 45 minute wait up there, but downstairs there are 10 nurses, no waiting. Downstairs, now there were only 3 people in line ahead of me, and I was taken in 2 minutes. Pharmacy wait was 5 minutes, and they not only had the lotion from today, they also gave me a sharps container (from Monday) at half price.

From there to the car wash, no line at all there.

Target had sodastream cartridges to exchange, but not dog repellent. I set up the laptop at the in-store Starbucks and had a mocha and banana bread, and did some job hunting. And was reminded there was a job fair at 2.

Petco, got two kinds of dog repellent, then drove the few blocks to the Svale rec center where the sign said 2:30 for the job fair. NOVA's email lied.

To pass the time I went nextdoor and signed up for a senior center membership. There are some classes and activities which that will give me a discount for.

The job fair was excellent. Though it was billed as a holiday job fair, only Macy's & Ross weren't hiring for right now. I filled in a few applications, and even have an interview Monday at Cinemark movie theater in Mountain View. Two places are looking for tutors and don't need teaching certs. One of them is Mountain View rec district. I have a handful of URLs to check out tomorrow. See's has a candy maker training program :-)

Social Security emailed that they received my application, it was assigned to Richmond, CA which is definitely not my nearest office, and someone may phone for verification.

Home, applied one bottle of dog repellent to the front steps & landing. Caught up on email. Discovered my phone's calendar had stopped syncing with google, fixed that. Made a mimosa and trained my Xfinity DVR to only show my favorite channels in the guide. I can flip between all, HD only, faves, sports and kids. Set the default to faves.

Got done in time to watch Thursday Night Football on DVR, about an hour delayed. It is pretty clear that the Dolphin's O-line doesn't like their QB. They hung him out to dry time and time again.

At halftime I went outside and watered the gardens, checked the compost bin and all the worms found their way underground. The temp had dropped a lot, and the wind picked up.

Dinner was breaded fish cutlets, since it was cold enough to fire up the oven, and mixed veggies, half a HUGE mango for dessert. And another mimosa. And a small piece of chocolate cake.

Plans for tomorrow:
Follow up on the online part of the job fair
Call Automation Guy to confirm lunch
Lunch with Automation Guy
UW/Stanford game on TV

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