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Lunch & a Movie

After 5 months of promising, Automation Guy finally met me for lunch where he works. Amazon Silicon Valley is a 4-building megaplex, I think they are 7 or 8 stories each. Huge parking garage spans the length of the last 3. The main cafeteria is tiny, crowded and poorly signed. Our cashier was adorable. Totally stupid security system requires at least one, usually two security monitors at each keycard entry. The employee needs to badge in the visitor while waiting outside and then badge in himself. Just plain stupid.

I went to the line which had an 8x10 sign on the counter which said orange chicken, and got a bowl on white rice. Then to the soups at the end of the salad bar and a cup of clam chowder. And a fountain machine for a cola.

The "orange chicken" was okay, but it was not orange chicken. It was just a casserole with small chunks of dark chicken and a bunch of assorted stir fry veggies in a bland base. Soup was delicious, should have gone with a bowl of that instead of the chicken.

AG took me to see the fitness center, which he is a member of but has not used. There's a La Boulangerie attached to it where we found one of his co-workers having a nosh. Nice guy, recently left the group I'd interviewed with.

Walking back to the garage, I heard my name, and it was Mani, one of my favorite engineers from Motorola. He bailed about a year before the layoff, when attrition made him the go-to guy for everything. AG will send him a copy of my resume so he can find jobs for me to apply for. Amazon's HR is a joke, each department posts their own job openings and does their own hiring. Mani seems to have a better handle on the corporate jobs database than AG does.

Home, did some job searches based on the job fair handouts. There's a site for all the recreation departments in the Bay Area which Mountain View's rep suggested I look at for after school tutoring gigs. Did not find any, but need to look again. 455 hits needs some filtering.

Got a call from a perky HR rep from a place I'd filled out an application for at the job fair. She skipped the phone screen and set me up for an in-person interview in San Jose for Thursday. Looking at the job descriptions, I may not be well suited or qualified, but it depends on the clients. At the fair they described it as helping tutor disabled people. The job descriptions she sent sounds like it also includes being their taxi service and helping to feed them and go to the bathroom. The latter is not something I wish to be doing.

6 pm I walked to the community hall, dropped off my rent, saw that the nice man was still setting up the projector so I went to the pool and sat outside while two people were swimming. That's about the limit for that pool.

He was ready at 5 minutes to show time, but I was the only audience member. In a few minutes 5 more showed up. Very disappointing. He had a DVD of the London production of Oklahoma! starring Hugh Jackman. An excellent production, but a total WTF a
s the overture was played during an aerial view going up the Thames River from London Bridge and veering off to the right just before Big Ben, which is where the National Theatre is located.

Jackman was astoundingly good as Curley. Better, I think, than Gordon MacRae. Josefina Gabrielle as Laurey is not as pretty as, but sings and dances circles around Shirley Jones.  Jimmy Johnston as Will Parker was amazing with his rope spinning and dancing, but his singing and acting were not up to
Gene Nelson's. Ditto Aunt Eller, and Ado Annie. The supporting women all had solo lines in Out Of My Dreams and any one of them could have sung and danced an acceptable Laurey, though none were as good as her. The movie didn't give the chorus a chance to stand out. Jud Fry was played by a guy named Shuler Hensley. IMHO nobody can hold a candle to Rod Steiger, but I blame the director for the most part on Hensley not living up. He just was not as dangerous as he needed to seem. And his voice was not powerful enough, especially for the often-cut soliloquy. Two things they did differently than in the movie & Broadway: One is there is a lot of smoking in this production. Another is they changed the wedding scene to eliminate the haystack, and therefore Jud setting fire to it. I may be wrong about this, but it seems they added about double the choreography. Much longer numbers than I recall.

All in all, worth the walk. Next month he's planning on Company which I probably will miss. Like most Sondheim, too repetitive.

Watched the first half of the UW/Stanford game, will watch the rest tomorrow maybe. First half was all UW. One WTF is they moved the band from choice 50-yardline seats in the student section to the bottom of the end zone furthest from the lake. Horrible for acoustics. I'm not sure where the alumni band is now, but I could hear them once when they played Tequila!

LinkedIn had a job to apply for and three which were already taken down less than a day later.

Looking at See's Candies handout, it seems I need to phone during the week to apply for the candy maker training.

Took a peek at the senior center activities, and the only ones I am interested in are a ceramics class, but it's at 8:30 am, and pickleball which is on Mondays and looks like it costs $5 a session. Oh wait, that's the non-member fee. I think I'll go look Monday.

When I tried to cut that mango yesterday with my chef's knife, the blade was too dull and refused to be sharpened. Ditto my backup, so I ordered a new one online.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather, since it may rain.
Drive to Svale Caltrain, transfer to BART to Daly City, then two buses  to the Legion of Honor. 2+ hour trip, but I've never been there. The 9:11 train will get me there by noon. So maybe 10:11.
Or I may stay home and keep Spook company.

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