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Hum (no ho)

About the most exciting thing I did all day was water the indoor and porch plants. I forgot to have breakfast.

Plan A to go to the Palace of Fine Arts went bye-bye when I looked on their web site and saw nothing I was interested in seeing, and it takes about 3 hours to get there on public transport on weekends. Plan A-minus to go to the slightly nearer deYoung Museum, which has a ton of stuff I'm interested in, was derailed when I heard that the huge free music festival was in the park this weekend, and the museum is in the park. Plan B to go to the drivable Chabot Space Museum in Oakland was scuttled by them closing early for a special event.

So I fired up the DVR and watched the last half of the UW/Stanford game and was jazzed that my alma mater thoroughly trounced the Red§§. I did some job searching, but mostly played online and watched TV. At one point I was flipping between three college football games, and marveling at how often they were all playing commercials at the same time, in what is theoretically a randomly generated set of break times.

Facebook reminds me it is Rosh Hashana. Ask me if I care.

I did manage to spend some time on the porch, reading Three Body Problem and watching some very large male hummingbirds come to the feeders. It was a chilly morning, in the 50's, but by the time I got out there it was about 74 and the sun was coming around to that side of the house.

Popped the new John Prine CD into the computer and played it. It's duets except for the final number. At #3 I paused to open a doc file and start creating a list of songs I might want to sing for the next karaoke meetup. Falling In Love Again was #3 on the CD and is #1 on my list. It's also on my piano, and if I ever audition again for a musical, that's my song.

The list got a lot longer than I expected, after I found a karaoke web site which had a lot of Sinatra tunes listed. I would link to the site, but to play a tune you need to register, and then they only let you play a handful of numbers - to play any tune you want costs $$. I stopped writing when I realized how many songs from musicals I might want to add. But here's the list I will take with me:
Falling in Love Again
My Way [Elvis or Sinatra]
Slow Boat To China
Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw?
All Of Me
Someone To Watch Over Me
People Will Say We’re In Love [duet]
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Two Sleepy People [Bob Hope, but also 2,750 covers in better keys like Seth McFarlane and Norah Jones](duet)
Send In the Clowns
Love Me Tender
I Will (Beatles)
True Love
Don’t Fence Me In
Can’t Help Falling In  Love [Elvis]
Memory [Cats - ?? key??]

And that youtube search got me to nostalgialand, looking for karaoke versions of a couple of Thai songs, and discovering I can't read Thai that fast, and the transliterations don't work for me. But here it is. The title is "Love, eh" and was written and sung by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Rose Sirinthip. It was apparently commissioned by a TV soap opera and the video is a montage of clips from the show.

Lunch was a smoked turkey legs with chips & dip. KIND bar for dessert. Dinner was a Marie C roast beef dinner and the last ice cream sandwich for dessert because I forgot I still had mango chunks in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to Niles, catch the 1:20 from the Niles Canyon Railway to Sunol, and at 3:20 return on the special mixed frieght steam engine.
Then across the bay again to MV and coffee with Janice.

§§;When I was a lad, it was the Stanford Indians. Like the Washington redskins, the name was blessed by a lot of native American leaders and tribes at the time, and the campus plays host to one of the largest pow-wows in the nation. But PC raised it's ugly head, and under pressure they decided to change the mascot. Playing it safe, they avoided people, animals, minerals and vegetables, and went wit a color: Cardinal. They are The Cardinal. Singular. In other words, red. As in redskins. Kind of a Mensa way of keeping the original racism in a way the unwashed masses would not understand. 

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