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Low Clouds

Slept well, was up with the TV alarm. Spook came onto the bed and let me pet her for a few minutes. Automation Guy called as I was getting ready to shower, he had gone to Renn Faire last weekend, thus avoiding the heat blast of the last few weeks. He enjoyed it, but he said they left early because it was crowded, and I'm guessing his wife lost interest.

Not much in the way of job prospects in the morning email unless I wanted to move far away.

Checked out pickleball at the sports center (it's a senior center program). I looked up the rules while watching and there are way too many of them, and the scoring system is complex. Which is weird because all it is is badminton played with a whiffleball and a solid beach paddle over a waist-height net. Same court layout. I was not dressed to play, but was invited a couple of times. Friendly group. Ad hoc, no teams, drop-ins found games to play in right away. Maybe next week.

While I was playing back the seahawks game, an actual American recruiter called, spent a lot of time going through a couple of Verizon jobs which I had already applied for with Indian agencies, but never heard back from. This guy knows the names of the hiring managers. He worked up a tailored resume and sent it to his boss, whom he said would call me today or tomorrow. It wasn't today...

An Indian recruiter called with a hardware test job. Component level, oscilloscope was a requirement. I haven't done that kind of work since 1983, and all the circuitry has changed since then.

For lunch I tried a low-carb plate. Baloney, salami, muenster slices and HB egg.

No good deed goes unpunished. I had shot up only 30 units pre-meal instead of the usual 50, but it was way too much, and I had such a severe low blood sugar reaction that it triggered an optical migraine, which hit bigtime just as I arrived at the Cinemark for a job interview in 10 minutes. Luckily that cleared up in time. The interview was okay, I said no, I was not interested in being a bartender (they now have a bar, and I bet they don't get a lot of over-21 help) and ditto for food handling. There are plenty of other jobs, especially during the holidays. She said she would call if they wanted to hire me. They had signed up a lot of applicants at the job fair.

Went across the street to Starbucks and had iced tea & a banana bread slice. Enough eye candy to keep me from totally burying my head in the laptop.

Home, watched some more football. Played on FB. Created another Google photo album, this one from my trip yesterday.Clicky.

This one may end up on the 2017 calendar, if I do one this year. I may not, for a handful of reasons.

UPS was supposed to deliver canon ink cartridges, but they didn't. I guess I should look again. Nope. not delivered.
I tried out the chef's knife that came yesterday, and it cut limes like butter. Mango too. Dinner was a Marie C roasted chicken dinner and mango was dessert. Even after I found the 2 lbs of grapes in the drawer with the limes.

Did I mention that yesterday I trimmed Spook's claws? She had been kneading her bed, which is usually a sign. She hardly fought at all, stayed pretty still once I started clipping. I was wearing a black T-shirt so after the trim I had to find the lint roller.

Spent a lot of time not finding the web site where I am supposed to pay my Medicare Part B. According to the mymedicare.gov site I don't owe them anything, but according to my Quicken history I owe something every month. Maybe it was for 3 or 6 months? What triggered it was the monthly bill for Kaiser's part of the plan which is on auto-pay.

When the football game was cut off with 4 minutes left to go, I did some arranging of electronics which I should have done weeks ago. Unhooked the Tivo from the livingroom setup and moved it to the bedroom, unhooked the bedroom Tivo and put it on a shelf after removing the cable card, which needs to go back to Comcast.

Thought about adding a  fast 35mm wide angle lens to my collection, but even on eBay the one I want is $500. Nope.

Plans for tomorrow:
Comcast, return the cable card
Fry's, find out if they can refill my Canon ink cartridges (their machine does not do my Epson ones)
4:45, phone call from my diabetes pharmacist, hopefully he can find ways to lower my insulin costs.
Also hope the recruiter's boss calls.

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