Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I could probably watch Princess Bride a few more times

Because each time I have seen it, there are brilliant bits I completely forgot about.
No, I did not go to the movies, what triggered that was an ad for a Inigo Montoya T-shirt on FB.

Sleep was so-so last night. Read some more Three Body Problem before turning out the lights and rolling over. And then grabbing the sleep number remote and reducing the number by 10 on each side. I think I may have a defective bed because when I change the left side, it takes several seconds but when I change the right side it's just a blip in time. It doesn't matter which one I change first.

First pit stop was way earlier than normal, and there were more than usual during the night, with minor cold sweats. More pit stops usually means high Hgl, while the sweats is from low Hgl. Bizarre. Morning Hgl was low - 79  not low enough to medicate but low enough to skimp on the morning insulin dosage.

7:58 am, recruiter number in NJ made the phone play a song, I had been watching TV since 7:30 but that's a rude time to call so I zapped it. Email trail says it was probably a schlub at a contract agency trolling for software developers. My voicemail message probably chased him away.

Took me a while to get up & out, lots of stuff in email to plow through, all dead ends. Finally got to Comcast, had to wait 15 minutes to give my extra cable card to them. The transaction took maybe a minute.

Next stop, Fry's, primarily to see if they can refill the ink cartridges from my Canon MG7720 printer (no, that's not on the list yet) but also to see if it is feasible to replace my 4 2TB hard drives (RAIDed to be one 8TB drive) with SSDs. Nope. 8TB SSD is around $2500,  4TB is about half that. An 8TB HDD would set me back about $700, and would cut power consumption and heat to 1/4 of what it is now, but this is not the time to fork out that kind of cash.

Also looked at security cameras, thinking maybe I want a couple outside, above the doors. But none of them seemed to be battery powered, and I would need an adapter to screw into the lamps to get A/C where the cams need it. And again, $$ I don't need to spend.

Lucky's on the way home because I needed milk, bananas and limes. There was only one lime larger than a key lime, so I bought it, the bananas also were kind of small (which means less fruit per pound). Strange but true Lactaid milk was 50cents less than house brand lactose-free. My frozen foods stash was running low so I picked up some butterfly shrimp, shrimp egg rolls, a pair of on-sale Boston Market dinners and a not on sale Marie C herb roasted chicken. I like those because there is actual chicken drumstick and thigh, not some lame patty. Ans Banquet chicken, which was a mainstay at the ancestral homestead, I love the deep fried style of breading, not that horrible cornflake crap or (ick) panko.

Home, powered up the TV to find my Comcast box was disabled by Comcast. I was in the middle of lunch, so I switched to the Amazon Fire and watched Nova, but later I phoned Comcast, and the rep tried to reduce her phone time by asking me to power off and back on and call back if that didn't fix it. But I knew that would not work, I was sure when I turned in the cable card the system thought I was disconnecting service.

"Imagine," I said, "I had already powered off the box and called you back. What would be your next step?"
"Did you already do that?" she asked
"Imagine I did. What would you do next" I replied
She then did the right thing, checked my account, activated the box and sent the activation/reboot signal to it. She even held on as I told her its progress. That fixed it, but I'm pissed that they made the mistake in the first place, and that the rep was too lazy to look up the error code.

Caught up on PTI and watched some news. Some more job email came in so I attended to that until my diabetes doctor called as scheduled. Bottom line is he will put in for a less expensive form of my before-meals insulin, less expensive because it's a vial and needs a syringe instead of a handy pen. If that's still too much $$ there's a less expensive type of insulin which needs 30 minutes lead time. I won't need more for at least a month, closer to two.

Somewhere around 2:30 the recruiter from yesterday called, seems there is a new opening for a job at Verizon which he will be submitting me for. I forgot to ask why I hadn't heard from his boss yet.

Looked up movie times, decided I wouldn't be done with dinner in time for Miss Peregrine in 3D, so made dinner (butterfly shrimp from the Lucky's trip) and watched three new episodes of South Park which were extremely rude takes on online bullying, the Presidential race and rumor-triggered mob violence. One thing Xfinity has over Tivo is I can watch previous episodes of a series I  was late starting to record. Also watched Elementary which might be getting ready to jettison Lucy Liu. I sure hope not.

Got a FB message from long time theater buddy George who know is semi-retired and lives near Baltimore, with a link to a video blog by our mutual friend Leslie, whom we met when she played Dorothy in Wizard of Oz in 1986. I was the Howardly Lion, he was the scarecrow, his mom was the wicked witch. Leslie is now back on Broadway starring in Mathilda again. She originated the run and played about 1,000 performances before taking a break to go across the street for Dames At Sea and then down the block The Hunchback of Notre Dame. for About 8 minutes into the video, she brings us to her childhood room, and up at the top of the impressive wall of photos of her in theater is this one:

Or one very much like it.

The video is here:
Looks like that was two years ago, about when she left Mathilda.

Thought about calling See's but it's a 2-hour commute, so no thanks.
Delivered today was the order from jet.com, just laundry & bathroom stuff. The Canon ink which was supposed to be here yesterday was delayed because the driver couldn't find Apt. 7. I had to call dispatch to tell them it's space 7, there are no apartments in a mobile home park.

Yet to come, monkey balm from Amazon. Officially it's monkey holding a peach. I previously had no idea what that was in his hand, I had assumed poop.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Noon, free lunch to hear a pitch about social security financial planning. I looked the guy up, he's legit.
Maybe back to the Starbucks/Ingress routine. The lunch is in Campbell, they have a nice Starbucks and lots of portals.

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