Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ashamed of Myself Today

I did nothing useful. The only times I left the house were to unplug the car and get the mail. Oh, sand I went out on the porch to bring in the hummingbird feeders, refill them and put them back out.

TV woke me at 7:30 with hurricane news on every local channel. 3,000 miles away, and they are taking up air time as if it's right off our coast. Idiots.

Showered & dressed by 8:30, Automation guy phoned to let me know Amazon has a push on to hire quality people, so they are offering $3k to employees for each person hired & retained on the employee's recommendation. So he has recommended me.

Emailed the recruiter about Verizon, instead of the "I have presented your resume to the hiring manager" answer he promised, he tap danced around it, saying I'm on Verizon's short list and now it's up to their HR. He also ignored my question of whether I should be expecting a call from his boss. So I've written off that opportunity.

Spook has been as lazy as me. She spent most of the day splayed out on the floor of whatever room I was in, or curled up on the nearest (to me) cat tree.

I cleaned and refilled her water fountain, but while it was in the sink she parked herself on the mat on which it rests. Had to push her off to put the fountain back.

Spent way too much time on FB. It can be a huge time sink because it constantly updates. I don't follow Twitter hardly at all, never have gotten into that format.

Nothing of note in the mail or delivery today, but in the park mail slot was a notice that next Mon-Wed the community hall would be closed as they replace the carpets.

I watched a little bit of college football, but none of the games I caught were any good. NatGeo had a bizarre hour-long special following two American alleged PhD's in paleontology into the Siberian tundra in search of mastodon remains. They wanted hair, skin and especially blood. A very strange show in a number of ways, but it boils down to them appearing to be rank amateurs. NatGeo found them superb guides and translators, but the vehicles they used were whatever they could find in the middle of nowhere. When they finally found a part of a mastodon carcass, the way they took samples was crude and invasive. They got some liquid out, but it wasn't blood. They could seriously have used a veterinarian to help them. While they had a firm handle on the outer anatomy, they were clueless about the innards. To make them look worse, the last scene they were surrounded by Russian and former Soviet scientists who actually did know what they were doing, and made it clear our guys were SOL.

Breakfast was a banana and walnuts. Lunch was dim sum (steamed pork buns, ha gow & sui mai). Dinner was reheated Banquet fried chicken and I cooked up some quinoa for the first time ever, and much as I hate to say it, it was excellent. Couldn't hardly tell it is bird seed. Very easy to prepare, just add a cup of it to 2 cups of chicken stock, bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes (or till it has soaked up all the water).

Dessert was a pair of Hershey's dark chocolate pudding cups, another first for me, and I prefer them to the Jello ones. More al dente.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unknown. Plan A was Renn Faire but the temps are back up, 94° predicted. And it's Oktoberfest theme weekend, not my cup of tea
Plan B was Ardenwood farm, but this is harvest fair weekend, so way crowded.
Maybe a movie.

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