Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Journal Light

Slept okay.
Banana & walnuts for breakfast
Nothing on the job sites
Target, mostly for lactose-free milk, their price is below everyone else's. Also stocked up on 80%+ chocolate, and bought a test pack of Sheba "meaty tender sticks" for Spook because susandennis posted that her cat treated them like crack.

Watched a parade of interesting people from a table in the target Starbucks section, which is right next to the up escalator.

Lunch was a Kind bar.

Caught up with FB. Much discussion about my positive report on yesterday's quinoa experience.

Proofread an upcoming blog for my youngest sister. Only 1 typo.

Chips & dip while watching my alma mater's football team score 70 points against Oregon. To their credit, the Ducks scored three TDs, and only missed a 4th in the final minutes by poor play calling and a penalty at about the 2 yard line.

Placed a meaty stick on the top tier of Spook's tallest tree. After she figured out what it was, she batted it to the floor, devoured it, then went back up chasing the scent. But when I put one by her usual treat location i the kitchen she ignored it. Go figure. As usual, anything I try to hand to her is something to run from.

Dinner was a Boston Market roast beef dinner and a chocolate muffin. Egg cream chaser.

Watched a replay of the pilot for Timeless. My relatively high expectations were met and in some ways exceeded. Very high production values. Superb camera work and set design. Classy special effects. Low budget but effective time machine exit/entry. Well written, could use more humor, though. They are taking the long view for the season, it's a serial which looks like it will follow the Bad Guy Who May Actually Turn Out To Be A Good Guy. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get my butt to a movie theater for a morning show
Early (3 pm) coffee with Janice because something she was planning on doing today got moved to tomorrow.
Maybe watch some football.

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