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Mister Eclectic

Have to change keyboards again

The A and E labels are chipped and will be gone soon. I don't touch type so this is an issue. I thought Logitech would be higher quality. I think I'll find a wired version of the Thai-English keyboard. I miss having the Thai character set visible, more than I thought I would because most of my Thai can be cut and pasted, but not always. I have a program called Thai2English, but it won't translate a paragraph, it takes each word in the sentence and translates it separately. Still somewhat useful, because Thai is written without spaces between words, but not as helpful as a real translator.

I have two Microsoft wireless keyboards, one Thai/English, but the wireless connection is not reliable. Which is why I bought the wired one in the first place. I have two because when I'm working, I like to have one at work.

Got up with the TV again, hurricane Matthew turned out to be a dud for the most part. Turned the TV off when it got all about the debate. I have no desire to hear those two flail at each other.
That made it easy to get to the cinema early. They have completely remodeled the Cinemark, it is now all lounge chairs - push a button and they recline and a leg rest pops out. Though there are way fewer seats, they have not allowed enough room to pass in front of people with their feet up. Highly annoying. But I like the reserved seats model.

Saw Miss Peregrine's Home and mostly liked it. Things I did not like: Burton went to WWII lack-of-quality film for the vast majority of the movie, which is set during WWII. Judy Dench was given a throw-away part that any housewife could have played. The kid with the monocle seemed miscast, as well as the kid with body parts in bottles of formaldehyde. Eva Green in the title role nailed all her very complicated lines, without a shred of personality. Terrence Stamp as grandpa was dull too - I imagine the character as more like grandpa in The Princess Bride, but since Peter Falk is no longer available, Anthony Hopkins might have been a better choice. Audio mixing was horrible - I couldn't hear half of the dialog.

Things I did like: Samuel L Jackson is a force of nature.  I loved his makeup, especially the teeth. The way the children's specialties were revealed was subtle but effective. I like how one was kept under wraps till the final battle, where it saved the day. I loved the ending. Asa Butterfeld was okay as Jake, I think they chose him for his eye color. Ella Purnell is brilliant as Emma, the girl on a rope and the obligatory ingenue. Monsters and assorted special effects are excellent. Jake's dad was sufficiently out of touch with his teen son and reality in general, but the script failed him on several fronts.

Looking over what I've written, I'd give the end result a A-minus, but the directing a C. Worth 3D matinée.

From there to coffee with Janice, whose appointment to help with the open space deer count got moved to today (it was scheduled for yesterday) so we met 2 hours early.

Stopped off at the Grocery outlet, got some light sour cream, bacon bits and minced onion, and made a dip from that and chopped clams. Finished off the chips with that. Had some grapes too.

Comcast FAILed me big-time, and did not record the Raiders game, which I had scheduled weeks ago. It did get the Packers/Giants game, which was poorly played on both sides. It looked like the Giants were punishing Odell, they didn't throw to him at all until it was too late. And yes, he made a spectacular touchdown catch when they finally did throw to him. 
Caught up on Penn & Teller Fool Us. No one really fooled them, but the producers awarded one guy the prize when it took P&T too long to explain how he did the trick.
Dinner was leftovers. I placed a layer of salami slices on top of some of the leftover quinoa, and plopped leftover peas next to that. 2 minutes in the microwave and it was yummy. Popsicle for dessert, grapes for appetizer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Afternoon - NOVA, get a day pass, attend the first ever Contracting 101 workshop
Monday Night Football

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