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Naked but Not Afraid

Got caught up in a project, turned off the PC, got undressed and was about to watch the Giants post-game show on the bedroom TV when I realized I had not written in my journal.

Plan A achieved. Got to NOVA at noon, acquired a day pass (the receptionist said my official okay is waiting on documentation, so the documentation lady Thursday fibbed.) and went outside to enjoy a warm sunny day with the phone and Kindle app on the tablet. Sign-ups for the Contracting 101 class was supposed to be at 1:00, but when I got back there at 5 till, there was a huge line and they had already started processing people for three classes which were all starting at 1:30. Not a problem, I got in.

They were not keeping track of the class size, and there were a lot of latecomers. At least half a dozen people arrived after all the seats were taken, and class had started - somehow more chairs appeared.

Energetic teacher, long time contractor and her husband is also. She knew the subject well, and welcomed comments from class members who had some experience, and q's from those who didn't. There was a lot of helpful info, she did a great job of explaining what 1099 work was, and the hoops to jump through to stay legal. I'll stick to W2, I think.

The project I was caught up in was the result of an exercise during thee class, it was building business cards for the job hunt, and while I was at it, re-designing my photographer bizcard. The latter didn't come out the way I wanted, will do some more tomorrow.

In the middle of printing, my Epson printer stopped, saying it detected non-Epson ink cartridges. They must have updated the firmware, it never did that before. Luckily I had a pack of the official ones on hand, but needed to order backups. :-(

Met someone in the class who has done some community theater, but mostly at a high school, church and the one theater company I won't have anything to do with. He's a writer who had a gig at Lockheed writing speeches for executives. 

Before heading out, I erased all my jumbled iTunes folders, and tried to import the folders I'd ripped with MediaMonkey - all my musicals CDs. Major FAIL, it couldn't find album art for any of them, and it split albums into pieces because the ripper didn't check the "mixed artists" box.

So it looks like I may need to rip everything all over again using iTunes. Grumble.

After class I walked around to the library to use my laptop. Someone had sent me a message on eBay, and the app would not let me see it. I had asked someone selling a Thai/English keyboard if it has a "sleep" button. Instead of replying to the question, I got a canned reply apologizing for any difficulties I was having with their product. Any company which needs that in an auto-reply is not one I want to buy from. But I do want an answer because several other companies sell the same keyboard. The library was packed with people using the library computers and their own laptops. 4 pm on a Monday, made me think there's a heck of a lot of unemployment. But then I remembered it's a Federal holiday.

Stopped off at Lucky's on the way home. Bought a couple of packets of Knor's leek soup mix, which was my family's go-to ingredient for turning light sour cream into chip dip. I didn't like the taste of what I made yesterday. I also bought 5 Marie C dinners, they were on sale for $2 each, and marked close-out. Looks like they will be doing away with the brand, which is a shame.

Home, applied the leek mix to the dip, turned on MNF and had some chips. There was only a minor improvement in the taste, as soon as I ran out of dippable chips I set it aside to join the disposal system.

What else? At 5:30 am I woke up, it was chilly, so I stumbled to the laundry room and put Saturday's wash into the dryer. Most of it is now on my bed.

At 8:30, Automation Guy called, inviting me to be a photographer at a wedding reception of his wife's relative. His wife and son were one of my calendar photos a few years ago.

In  Spook news, when I took a break from the football game to do some stuff on the PC, she meowed at me and climbed to the top of her tree, sniffing around. I took the hint and unwrapped a Sheba stick treat and put it up there. She batted it to the next level down then picked it up in her mouth, carried it to the floor, and chomped it till it was gone. I'm stumped why she didn't want another one until now. That's 2 eaten out of 4 offered.

The SF Giants did it again. in a cardiologist's dream game, 13 innings, they stayed in the playoffs. They need to do this two more times to advance. I don't think that is happening this year. I wouldn't mind if it did, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
More follow-up from the class
Take another crack at the photographer bizcard
Maybe start re-ripping CDs to see if iTunes behaves itself.
Go somewhere, do something

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