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Nut Case

Way too many possible subject lines for this one

howeird gets his nuts in a sack
howeird goes nuts
or simply
howeird's nuts

This morning I discovered I was completely out of those crunchy things which are found inside the seeds of trees. Plenty 'o' peanuts, but those are legumes and not in the same nutritional category. So I headed for Sunnymount Produce, which always has an impressive selection of nut-like objects in bulk, looking for cashews. almonds, walnuts and maybe pistachios.

They did have plenty. But the prices!  $10 a pound was the starting price. No wonder they have a huge stock - nobody would buy at those inflated prices.

So I nipped down the block to Safeway, and found cashews on sale 2 lbs for $8, walnuts at regular price $6/lb, almonds for $8/lb and pistachios were buy two 14-oz bags, get one free. So 28 oz for $10. Now I'm set for a couple of weeks.

My nuts cost me about $43.

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