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I spent way too much of today wasting inkjet ink. The photographer business card template was based on my joke personal card, which has writing around the edges. There's enough white space top and bottom that the cut between each card looks clean (I use an Avery 8877 form, 10 cards to a page, 2 columns of 5). But the photographer one needs to be borderless, and since it uses a model's head shot filling the whole card, any overlap between cards will make them uneven and unprofessional.

It took a couple of prints before I realized I had to nuke most of the border guides which were needed for the regular card. And I re-measured the margins of the form, which were also off, also done to make my regular card print correctly.

And then the Epson printer decided that if I set it for best photo quality printing, instead of printing what Adobe InDesign told it to print, it pushed out a macabre series of stretched, overlapped images.

So I switched to the Canon printer, which I don't like to use for card stock because it feeds from a bottom tray, and bends the paper upside down to feed it into the print head area. And as I suspected, that meant no two prints came out the same. A very few cards from today's run are usable, and now the Epson is low on ink (I just put new cartridges in yesterday) and I've run through about a dozen Avery forms.

I still have 3/4 of a box of the forms, but it actually cost less for 250 professionally printed ones from printingcenterusa.com which also accepts InDesign files, so I cut and pasted a single front and a single back design from their template, uploaded those to them and ordered a set. These are the folks who print my calendar.

My new regular non-joke business card is a lot simpler, and was finished yesterday. I have more Epson ink on order too.
It was a late night, so I made it a late morning, finally woke up around 9:30, didn't get out of bed till 11, between reading on the tablet and watching TV.

Too many Geico ads. They must have horrific claims service and huge turnover if they think they need to spend so much on carpet bombing us with ads. Very high production cost ads. TV and radio, several times an hour on all stations. Progressive is almost as bad. And I canceled my Allstate coverage, which I'd had since I was 22, because they shifted from that wonderful positive "In Good Hands" theme to the horrible fear-mongering "Mayhem" theme.
At about 5 I finally shut down the PC and drove to the Mercado. Starbucks was packed, so I'm reinstating my unemployment rant. I was in time to see Masterminds, but didn't feel like being in the movie theater. Went across the parking lot to Krispy Kreme which also has seating and free wi-fi, had a couple of custard-filled donuts and a hot cocoa. The donuts were horrible, as usual, but the cocoa was good.

Drove home at about 6:30. I'd had a snack in the afternoon of a Banquet chicken piece and a reheated turnover. I'd made a dozen last night, ate two, put the rest in individual sandwich bags, and threw them into the fridge freezer.  Dinner was a small beef and rice frozen dinner and a fudgesicle.

Watched PTI and episode 2 of Timeless. The latter is still holding my interest, they went to Lincoln's assassination this time, and changed it around a bit. One FAIL is they have a time machine, yet they rush the protagonists into the past with minimal preparation. But I like that they make fun of themselves, and work into the script how they corrected some of the mistakes they made last week.

While I was working on the cards, Spook kept clawing my chair, and me, which usually means she thinks it's treat time. So I went to the kitchen and instead of giving her the usual treats, I grabbed a Sheba meat stick and held it out to her. She wasn't interested. I took it into the office and put it on the top tier of the cat tree, and after thinking about it for a minute, and grooming herself to show she didn't care, she climbed up there, batted it to a lower level, then grabbed it in her mouth and chomped it on the floor. Weird cat.

Late in the day, NOVA emailed that I've been approved, and can go online to book an appointment after noon tomorrow. So that's on my calendar. They also said they have money for training grants. Yay!

SF Giants blew a lead so the Cubs are off to the next playoff series. Maybe they will make this song obsolete:

Delivered was a big box from Amazon. Body wash for dry skinned people, doctor's suggestion. And another dozen Kind bars. In other Amazon news, I found a Thai/English USB keyboard and ordered it. There are lots of them on Thai sites, but the shipping is more than the keyboard. I have a couple of friends in Thailand who could probably buy one for me but postage would be an issue. The Friends of Thailand prez could probably bring me one the next time she goes there (she lives on Treasure Island) but that won't be for months.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe downtown (a few blocks from NOVA) for Ingress and Starbucks. 

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