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Nail Day

Was up & out of bed by 8:30, and at the manicure place right at 10. Two of the employees were already working on hair and a pedicure even though 10 is the official start time. I waited for about 10 minutes for someone to show up to do my nails - traffic was bad. And it was - I'd been hearing about it all morning on the radio. It's Yom Kipur, apparently, one would think there would be fewer cars on the road, since driving is forbidden for the orthodox. Or else they are in the "fast" lane.

Nails person speaks excellent English, she said she spent time in a Thai refugee camp, and managed to get here after extensive interviews, she had no documentation. I told her the "lunch" joke, she loved it.

Took my laptop next door to Specialty's and checked LinkedIn and email. At noon I logged into the NOVA site, applied for an in-person "first" interview, with a note I wanted to talk about training grants. It said they would get back to me by 4:30 (I asked for email, not phone).

Home, did some more job hunting, some Facebooking, and email arrived from the printing company, they needed the font and the images. And there was a problem with guides. I phoned, they got me in touch with a layout person, and it turned out they had the fancy font I thought they were asking about, but they didn't know about Microsoft's Arial MT font, which is Arial but with some tweaks for Windows. I told him use plain Arial. Their directions made it sound like the template they sent would embed the images, but it just links to them, so I uploaded all three. The guide thing turned out to be their problem. Their template has a red "safety" border, which is supposed to not print, but somehow it was showing as printable.

Later that same day I received a PDF of the project, and it looked fine. Won't get the cards till the 25th or thereabouts.

At 2:30, NOVA emailed they have set me up with an appointment for tomorrow at 1:15.

It has become overcast and chilly, just the right weather to do some gardening. I took out the tools and put on gloves and harvested all the mint. Some of it had burrowed under the concrete divider and into the neighbor's white pebble non-lawn, so I harvested that too. This year's mint is darker and smaller than last year's, but more aromatic. I shoved it into a tall kitchen bag, and it will sit outside next to the recycle bin until it is dry enough to separate the leaves from the stems.

While I was at it, I chopped off a big branch of the Russian sage which has been growing rampantly, the branch which was overlapping the neighbor's space. It is now planted in the front garden, and with regular watering and maybe more compost, it ought to recover. The bees and hummers love that stuff. The effort knocked the Hgl out of me, it took a turnover to stabilize me, and I also needed to hydrate. DVR time.

DVR playback today was PTI and Who Do You Think You Are? in which we discover actress Cynthia Nixon is descended from an ax murderer, the second woman to ever be incarcerated in Missouri State Prison, and the first to give birth there. The ending is very touching. As usual, superb camera work, and a long trail to follow, proving what a poor tool ancestry.com is.

No actual lunch today, the huge criossant at Specialty's filled me up.

Dinner was a two-fer. One small chicken Alfredo followed by a small spaghetti & meatballs. Who was Alfredo, and was he ever punished for his saucy contribution to high cholesterol cuisine?

Watched DVR again: Below Deck, in which the captain is just a short step away from manipulating three metal balls in his hand. The men on the crew are spending way too much verbiage on which of the women they want to get close to. Meanwhile the head stew's 6' tall female soccer player girlfriend pays a visit and the PDAs are off the chart.

As I was watching, my phone beeped, there was an event at the library I had on my calendar. Stargazing. But it's overcast and chilly, and even though I could have gotten there in time, what's the point?

At 7:59, OnTrac dropped off the Epson ink I ordered very recently. It was due by 8.

Bangkok Post reports that the Royals are all gathering to the royal hospital, and the report they published from the hospital on the King's health looks grim. Dialysis, liver issues, low BP, and while they tactfully say the doctors are treating all the symptoms, they also say his condition is not stable. Dec. 5 is his 89th birthday.

Plans for tomorrow:
1:15 NOVA session with counselor


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