Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What I did today

Played with Spook

Much early morning phone activity:
- Fast-talking recruiter with a job in SF he insists doesn't require coding even though the job title does. Above my usual hourly rate. Probably contract-to-hire. And when I saw the name of the company, one of the engineering managers I worked with at my last job is now one of their engineering managers. Instant reference.
- Almost inaudible Indian recruiter's assistant, all he knew was it was a contract with a contract agency for a job at Cisco. I don't think this is going anywhere
- Spook's vet, the appointment time I asked for is booked, we scheduled for another day/time.

Channel surfed without finding anything worth watching on morning TV
Watched 2 recorded episodes of TMZ then deleted the next 5. I don't like the new format.
Spent a lot of time on the porch watching it not rain
Took a break from that to look out the back of the carport to see the dark clouds circling and heading east
In the mail was the massive CA election guide.
Delivered was a set of 4 long-sleeved shirts
Chatted with Lee as Cal made table saw noises as he's finally building a soundproof doghouse. Cal's taste in music, which he plays loudly while working in the yard, is hard to tell. It sounds vaguely country, but I can't make it out. No tunes I am familiar with.
As we chatted it started drizzling so lightly all we noticed was it was cooler and more windy.
Read lots of articles on King Bhumibol (the final "l" is pronounced "n"). I may go to the Thai temple Sunday for services.
One of my sodastream bottles has stopped holding a charge. Ordered another set.
When it was clear we were not getting any serious rain, I drove to Lowe's ISO milkweed and Mexican tarragon. I spent about half an hour perusing every aisle, did not find anything I wanted to add to the garden, and the only help was a bored cashier who had no clue what they stocked. So I went inside to maybe buy some seeds, and saw this abomination:

Complete with Jesus music.
It isn't even Halloween!!!!!

So I parked the cart, turned around and left the store. I won't be returning until 2017.

It drizzled lightly all the time I was there. On the way home my automatic wipers kicked in, but it was only a trace of rain. The nearest NOAA station, which is not all that near, reported 1/3" in 24 hours.

Caught up on PTI and flipped between two college football games until the high pitched twang of one of the commentators refused to be muted.

6:30 walked to the community center for movie night, 1950's Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Gig Young vehicle on a not large enough TV with horrible speakers. The company was nice, but I won't be doing that again. Painful to listen to.

Dinner was Mari C Salisbury steak, not their finest offering. Cut red potatoes, and the vegetable was broccoli and it's evil white cousin cauliflower with some yellow cheese-like substance on top. I didn't even want that on my compost pile.

Emailed a short condolence letter to ex-boss, to pass along to his Thai wife, kids and friends.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning "free" lecture on the "true causes of Type II diabetes" followed by lunch. Salad, it sounds like
Coffee w/Janice a little early, as she is traveling Sunday early
College football

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