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Usually before I pull out of the driveway I pull the voice command lever and tell the GPS where I am heading, and then pull it again to tell the iPod what to play. This morning I knew most of the route I was taking, just needed the GPS for the last mile or so, and the music playing was what I wanted to hear.

When I get close to the point in the route where I need help, I pull the lever and nothing happens. At the next stop light I turn off the car, turn it back on and try again. Still nothing. I make the turn I thought was on the map, but in a mile it's clear it was the wrong turn. I pulled over and asked Google for directions, and sure enough it said to go north, I was going south. Made the next legal U-turn, and arrived at my destination exactly on time instead of 10 minutes early as requested. Felt very guilty about that.

But then it was a 5 minute wait for the receptionist, and another 5 minutes to wait for the couple ahead of me to be processed.

10:10, for a 10:am start time, the presenter was still schmoozing, there were only 6 people in the audience. By the time 10:30 rolled around there were about 20. He started at 10:20.

The first slide was about him. He's a chiropractor. The talk is (allegedly) on how to overcome type 2 diabetes, get completely off of medication, and live a normal healthy life. He asks us why a chiropractor is trying to cure diabetes, and he puts up another slide. It says he is a board certification eligible neurosomething therapist (a chiropractic specialty) and he has a certificate in digestive therapy. He explains he is not a board certified neurosomething therapist because he has been "too busy" to take the test. He's had the classes, though.

Then he reads a case study about his first diabetes case 6 years ago. No names, but he claims the guy would have been an Olympic runner if the 1980 Olympics had not been boycotted. And the guy became a couch potato with Hgl readings of 500 without meds (300 with) but now he's jogging 6 miles a day and his Hgl is 105.

Let's call the chiropractor Q (as in Quack). Q then asks the rhetorical question "who would rather have a natural cure to diabetes than drugs?" He gets no response because Q doesn't understand how to do listen-and-response teaching. He repeats the question, asking for us to answer. I tell him "what do you mean by natural? If you mean jogging 6 miles a day, count me out". He blows that off, and repeats the question. No answers.

Over the next 2 hours, he gave a 5th grader's description of metabolism, except he completely poo-poos the idea that insulin or the pancreas has anything to do with it. His logic is this: How do researchers give diabetes to lab animals? They inject the pancreas with poison. So poisons cause diabetes. And your meds are poisons.

Then his logic then goes: In order to get FDA approval, all drugs need to supply "LD50" data. LD stands for "Lethal Dose". LD50 is the amount of a material, given all at once, which causes the death of 50% (one half) of a group of test animals. The LD50 is one way to measure the short-term poisoning potential (acute toxicity) of a material. Since every drug must run this test, all drugs are lethal, all drugs are toxic.

I challenged the logic of this. He just refuses to get it that requiring a test for toxicity doesn't mean there is an expectation of toxicity. He refuses to believe any drug could have such a high LD50 result as to be non-toxic.

At this point he has completely lost my vote, and it is all that I can do to not stand up, hold up my glass of water and note that even dihydrogen oxide has an LD50 number. Does that make it toxic? Does that mean we have to stop drinking it? But I resist the temptation.

He spent at least half an hour of the talk bashing what he thinks is modern medical practice. When I tell him that my doctor sent me to nutrition classes, and as a result I've been able to reduce my immodium from 4 a day to 0, he says most doctors don't do that. When I tell him my diabetes pharmacist and my doctor have worked together with me for 15 years to find ways to reduce my meds and to check for drug interactions, he says most doctors don't do that. When I tell him that all my medical caregivers tell me to exercise more, he says most doctors don't do that.

If he was a medical doctor, he would know better. But he's a Q.

He ran 15 minutes late, but when he finally wrapped up and asked the waiters to deliver our lunch (salad) I put on my coat, took my folder with all his crapola, including the form he wanted us to leave with him, and left. I'll be shredding it all.

Home, plugged in the car, caught up on email, watched some TV weather reports (tornadoes in Oregon!) facebooked, and went out on the porch to pass the time before my 4:30 coffee meeting w/Janice. Early because at the crack of WTF tomorrow she has to be at SFO for a trip to Kansas homecoming. 

Lunch was shrimp fried rice from frozen with BBQ pork added.

My youngest sister lives close to the storm zone, so I called to check on her. Talked to her husband, who, 6 weeks after femur surgery, is back on the exercise bike, and expects to be racing again soon. Sis says no major storm foo in her neck of the woods, but there is enough neighbor foo to make up for it. For instance, one neighbor which shares a fence line was objecting to her planting rhododendrons on Sis' side of the fence. Apparently the neighbor is running a (possibly illegal) B&B and advertises walking trails, by which the neighbor means paths through Sis' land. Neighbor has a house on maybe an acre, Sis has a house on 40 acres, mostly forest.

Sis had also sent the next episode in her proposed blog for me to edit. She knows she is not a very good writer, but she wants it in her style, so she's not taking any of my suggestions, except for one typo and one grammatical error. I've pointed her to my friend the professional food writer, who is eager to read Sis' blog, but Sis says "but she's a professional". Well, yeah, that's the point.

Off to Mountain View. Mostly not raining, and fairly warm. 70-ish. The outdoor chairs are damp so I sit indoors to wait for J. I skipped a couple of chapters of Three Body Problem because the author's attempt at writing from an alien's POV was unreadable. Got back to Earth, and it got better again. He wildly over-estimates the willingness of research scientists to get plastered. But at least it's entertaining. 50-50 if I'll finish this Hugo winner. I'm a little sad because his previous short stories were brilliant.

J had a lot of news, I had a lot of news. We got to most of it.

Home, plugged the car in. I may need to get some gasoline tomorrow.

Spent a lot of time on the porch. Warm, calm, it had rained a little while I was making dinner (shrimp egg rolls & butterfly shrimp). Lee came by walking her 1-year-old dog, and let him try to play with Spook through the closed window. Spook was very interested. Dog wanted to go inside and play in person.

Watched some football. Colorado beat someone, Stanford held off Notre Dame, Wazoo was playing someone. I think there's a Pac 12 game still in progress.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dress in black
Thai temple by noon for 1 pm services (parking will be a mess). Already plugged in the address in the GPS. I know the way, but usually pass it by because it's set back from the street. I expect tomorrow they will have signs and people out. I may have to park out at the lake. Not taking my camera. Hoping someone will coach me on the routine, I have never been inside the temple, and the only time I've been in any Thai temple was for an abbot's lecture, in 1975. I've been on the grounds of this temple dozens of times, but mostly to take photos of the music & dance performances outside and see friends. Never went inside.

Check NOVA's web site. This morning I had moved up to #2 on the PPT class wait list. Up from #5 on Friday.

Haul out my Python notes, just in case.

Watch football

Take out the garbage.


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