Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In like Flynn

Assuming Flynn had a hangover, which, being Irish, he likely did.

Last night I had totally forgotten that I'd finished Three Body Problem and opened up the Kindle app in bed, expecting to read for about 5 minutes. A moment of confusion as the style was way different, and the scene was a baseball park in America. All of TBP is set in China or a planet called Trisolaris. Read enough to be reminded that I was on a new book, and it was so absorbing that my lights went out as programmed at 1:30 am before I knew it.

In Times Like These by Nathan Van Coops. It was free. The next two books in the trilogy are not, but they are affordable.

So when the alarm went off at 7:30, I was fast asleep, and it wasn't till 8 when my phone and tablet reminded me that class started at 9...

Record time getting up and showered, dressed and drugged. No time for breakfast. No time to take out the garbage. Got to NOVA at 8:45, plenty of time to sign in, and be told I was now #1 on the wait list. So I waited. Finally at 9:10 they had finalized the list, including people who had called to say they would be late, and I was the only waitlisted person to get in.


Except I was seriously sleep deprived, and while I was not in danger of dozing off (the instructor was very high energy in a good way, and it took some concentration to parse his Filipino accent)  my eyes were burning, and I didn't have any drops with me.

Oh, and I also was wearing the same outfit as yesterday, all black, long sleeves, dress pants.

So about TBP. It ended gracefully. It also ended leaving it open to at least one, maybe two sequels. Or more. I will not be reading further. The basic premises don't fly. The hard science is weak, the math is way over my head. I think the Hugo was deserved, it's a major project and the first person Red China POV alone is a winning proposition.

Okay, back to class. This is a basic Powerpoint class, good for a certificate, and it's practical. The final class on Thursday will be us giving our PPT presentations to the class. Hopefully it will be in a classroom, not in the lab, because the sight lines in the lab suck.

He also teaches intermediate & advanced PPT for adult ed at the local high school evenings.

There are some huge gaps in his not-PPT knowledge. He said once you upgrade to Windows 10 there is no going back. I've gone back three times, it's an easy system restore, which has been a feature for about a decade. He was surprised when I pointed that out, but took my word for it. He made the generous offer, since the NOVA computer room won't have Win10 and Office 2016 for 2 more weeks, that we could come to his adult ed classroom after 5 pm and use machines there. However, he didn't know that right next door at the library there is a bank of free to use PCs. I didn't know if they had Win10 or Office 2016, though. The class lab is up to date.

The first 1/4 of the class was background. The second 1/4 was a tutorial on Win10 for those who have never used it. He did a good job, handled questions well, and didn't get too bogged down in politics. He doesn't seem to understand that Steve Jobs is dead, and Bill Gates hasn't run the company for years.

The next half was a tab-by-tab deep dive into PPT. Very well done, good job of showing how the drop-downs and curser hints work. He used one of the many pre-populated templates as an example, which saved a lot of time. He recommends them as a starting point. And again, he handled q's well, and I was happy to hear him tell a woman who fancies herself as an expert that no, trying to fit every word in the presentation into one slide is not a WIN.

He set some guidelines I liked. Maximum number of bullet points, minimum font size, etc. His slides were pretty good, but his choice of transitions was boring. :-)

Now I am committed to be there at 9 am for the next 3 days. I'll try getting to bed early.

Home, I wanted to take a nap, but needed to be awake for a 4 pm phone screen. So I watched some of the Raider's game on DVR. Lunch was a baloney and salami sandwich on sourdough.

The recycle bins had not been collected, so I filled mine and trucked it out to the curb. Got the mail, which included a check from Discover for $14 which I had not asked for, which was a balance I had sitting there for a couple of months. I haven't used the card since it started charging interest.
The phone screen was not from Planet One, it was a Florida area code, a contractor who does technical screenings for a third party. I wasn't clear whether it was for Planet One or the contract agency. It was a delightful chat, he knew his stuff, and dates back to when the USMC was programming in COBOL. I was able to tell him that the reason for all the blank spaces was a throwback to punch cards. My recruiter had fed me the main q's he would ask, but I just went with the flow.

I emailed the recruiter that I thought it went well, he said the screener would make a recommendation by Tuesday. Not sure if he meant tomorrow or next week.

That done, brought in the recycle bin and took a nap. Slept for about 90 minutes, when I woke up Spook was on the bed near my feet. Not interested in being petted, though.

3-course dinner. Herring in wine with onions, leftover chicken soup from last night and a handful of my first FAILed breaded wings.

As I typed that, Spook got up onto the tree and snagged the meat stick from yesterday.

Tried to watch tonight's football game on DVR but accidentally hit a key which flipped it halfway forward. Went back to the Raider's game from yesterday, but set a 9 pm time limit so I could finish the journal by 10.

Plans for tomorrow:
PPT class
Maybe hear about the job interview

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