Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Gets Easier

Went to bed at about 10, got to sleep in an hour, woke up several times, Spook was hiding in a closet or something, didn't see her till I was on my way out.

Major traffic snarl when I guessed (incorrectly) that it would be faster to take Central Expressway from Fair Oaks to Mathilda. The Fair Oaks entrance is also the Mathilda exit-only, and usually it's 50 mph for the 2 miles, and then up and out to the main street closest to class. But this morning some cretins from some Official Department had coned off that lane about halfway between, for no apparent reason, for about 20 feet. Forced me to merge with rush hour traffic, and then back out again. Boo. Hiss.

Still was a few minutes early.

Class was a hoot. The teacher had handouts for lesson 2, but without warning he picked up where he'd left off in lesson 1. I had left that handout in the car. But he is testing this new class, and read from the material word for word, and the woman next to me had the right stuff on her screen until we both got bored and did our own things. LOL of the day, on the handout "click" was spelled "clock" at least twice.

It was useful. He covered drop-down menus I did not know existed, and on my own I found animation features way better than the older versions had. Although his opening missive was not to use the Internet, we had to use it to get images. PPT 2016 links to Bing, and by default searches for common copyright covered items. It's a pretty good search engine too.

He got through lesson 1 by break, and lesson 2 by 11:40. Some of the class stuck around (we have the room till 12:30) to work on their presentations, since they have the windows10 and PPT2016 right there. I went to the library, and they are still on Win7 and PPT2010, so no good for class.

I have no idea what I am going to do for my presentation. There are too many possibilities.

Home after. TV, the Graham Norton Show is back, yay! Caught up on TMZ, mostly FFed. Facebooked, LinkedIn and job sites, applied for one job. Have not heard about yesterday's phone screen.

UPS said they had a package for me, sometime between 3:30 and 8 pm, and sure enough, it arrived at 7:58 after being on the truck since 7 am. I'd forgotten what it was. The delivery info said LA, but I had not ordered anything from LA. Turns out it was from Montana, & was my professionally printed photographer biz cards. They look great, but frankly I liked the ones I printed myself better. Should have gone for borderless. The new cards are on better stock, though.

Got on the waiting list for next week's class, communications skills. If I get in, I need to postpone Spook's vet appointment Monday afternoon. It's an afternoon class.  I expect the vet will have Tues am openings.

Did some gardening. Plucked some weeds from around the front garden. Planted the third aloe along the carport. It shares an insert with flowering tumbleweed.

Nothing in the mail except the Tuesday grocery clump, and a bunch of political flyers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check Fathom to see where around here Allegiance will be playing. I think they said sometime in December. Tickets don't go on sale till 10/26.
Starbucks: free drink
Home: work on the presentation
DVR: Timeless


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