Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Later Than I Wanted

Last night I was in bed before 10, read a couple of chapters in the new book, tried to sleep, failed, got out of bed at 11 and fired up the PC to make sure my credit card payment was in the queue, and did something else important which I forget now.

Back to bed, turned the radio to a talk station way low for the human noise factor (white noise never helps me) and eventually got to sleep. Woke up once in the wee hours to wee, then not again till 6:20, back to sleep but still awake again before the 7:30 alarm.

Did my morning stuff, was on the way to class by 8:10, there about 8:30. First one in the room so I sat in front.

Teacher really ripped though lesson 3, covered a lot of ground, and got some flak at 10 o'clock break that half the class couldn't keep up. It's why experts shouldn't teach basic classes. Also some foreigners talk way to quickly when they use English. Filipinos are among the worst, folks from India top them. Their accents are hard enough to understand, without the speed thing.

He tried to mock them by slowing down to grade school level, but that only lasted a few sentences. He whipped through lesson 4 in record time, and we were done by 11:20. The good news is that let students who don't have access to the app work on their presentations, which are due tomorrow.

The woman sitting next to me said I should do something on how I make my calendars, which was toward the top of my list because I have all the materials already.

Drove downtown, and because it's still broken there was electric car parking in the charger area, so I parked there instead of hunting. Lunchtime that garage gets crowded.

Starbucks - It was a rewards day for me, I got a free frapp. I checked email, nothing interesting there. Ordered some seeds on Etsy. Bought a pair of tickets to see Allegiance in Redwood City Dec. 13th, Janice said she wanted to go too. Fandango, according to Takei's site, was supposed to hold sales till the 26th, so he could release tickets early to those of us on the Facebook page, but they jumped the gun, so he suggested jumping with them.

I started working on the PPT presentation, but after half an hour it was clear I needed to do it on my big PC, not the laptop. So I started to shut down the laptop, and it started a huge-assed update. While I was sitting there watching it crank slowly, the gorgeous woman at the next table asked me to watch her stuff. I said okay. Little did I know that after hitting the loo she was going to get in line and order another drink. Update was done just before she got back.

Both before *$s and after I Ingressed. Turned a lot of neutrals green. Set up links and a field. It won't last. I don't know why I haven't uninstalled it. I'm not interested in the social aspect, I'm not competitive that way.

Home, buried myself in the project. PPT did not make it easy. I had to not use some of the fancy stuff because the program doesn't have basic layout tools like placeholders to show if the image you want to fly into place will line up with the last one. Grid lines seem to be at a fixed size, I couldn't see how to adjust them to match my images. I ended up doing a lot of things one at a time which there should have been a way to do in a block. Problem is, if you insert several pix at a time, it treats them as a single object. No way to ungroup them that I could see. So I had to drag and drop 36 thumbnails into place one at a time for my second slide.

By 7, Spook was clawing at my chair, and it was time to finish up, change her litterbox, have dinner, catch up on DVR, and chill.

The project is done. I also rounded up some of my calendars from this year and the last 3 years. And my new photographer bizcards. Just to brag. I don't want to do that for a living, because it isn't a living.

Plans for tomorrow:
Class at 9. Sign up for a presentation slot somewhere 5th to 9th. Give the folks who are new to PPT some time to work on theirs.
Check my waitlist status for next week's class.
Hang out. Maybe take the train somewhere.
Football (?)

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