Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wanted to go somewhere but job hunt got in the way

And hotel rates.

So, last night Spook once again hid somewhere, not in the bedroom. I feel slighted.

I was watching a video on the tablet at 8-something-am when the phone sang to me, a local number so I answered it only to find it was an Indian guy named Raj in DC calling about a contract job with HP. I told him to send me email. He said he already had, but when I looked on my tablet it wasn't there, so I said he should give me half an hour.

I took my time, though, because I wanted to hear KNBR's morning after reports on the Cubs' win. Not a baseball fan, pretty much can't stand watching the game, but we're talking major history, the same way the SF Giants almost made it this season.

Dressed and drugged, Spook came out of hiding for treats. Checked email, and surprise, surprise, it was a job I was qualified for. At HP. In my town. Which probably means the building next to Amazon, but it could also mean the startup they bought right down the block from the PO. Either way, easy commute. So I filled in the questionnaire, attached a resume, and affirmed the hourly rate, which is in my usual price range before Moto.

By now it was too late to hop the Coast Starlight south. But I have no plans for the weekend, so I looked at the nearest stop after Salinas (I can't see taking a weekend in Salinas) which is Paso Robles. Not ideal, but it's scenic in a vineyards-in-the-mountains kind of way. The train trip is convenient, arrive late afternoon, return early the next evening. Looked for hotels. Nothing. All booked, even the local cheap motel. Turns out last weekend was the winery festival, and this weekend is still grape crushing/wine tasting. Not my thing, but vineyards do beautiful fall colors up there. So I unbooked the train trip.

I could do Reno, but it's a late afternoon arrival and an 8 am return, it needs a 3-day weekend. Can't do that because I have a vet appointment and a NOVA class Monday.

Toyed with stops along the San Joaquin route. I've never been in Bakersfield, for instance. But do I want to be? Fresno is a lot closer, but again, why?

Spent all day at home. I did sit on the porch for a few different hours, and enjoyed the summer weather while reading the latest book on the tablet. Inside, Spook let me pet her more than usual. Once again she gave up on the meat stick treat, this time after batting it to the tier she was standing on. It's back up on the top tier.

Lunch was herring in sour cream and Tillamook muenster cheese, which I will not be buying again because the unopened package which has been in the fridge and is well within it's "best by" date had a chunk of mold halfway down which touched every slice. I cut it out but the slices tasted off, so most of them went down the drain.

Watched some DVR. TMZ had some good stuff for a change. While I was on the porch I set the DVR to record the two local college football games. Cal/Oregon and San Jose State vs. San Diego State. I may or may not watch them. Still haven't played the latest Timeless.

Dinner was actual pre-planned cooking. Last night I thawed a pack of three turkey legs which have been in the freezer for months. Put them in a glass baking dish which fit them perfectly, coated them with minced garlic, added rosemary from my garden, fresh basil from the planters on the kitchen table, salt, and thyme. Added about 1/2" of water and into that tossed some dried minced onion. Covered with foil, 350° oven and set the timer for an hour, since online recipes said 1.5-2 hours. At an hour I took them out to turn them over, but they looked done. Got out my instant thermometer and yup, 178° inside (165 is the done mark). Uncovered them and put them back in for 10 minutes to brown, but that was a minor mistake, dried them out a little.  Steamed some sweet corn kernels for a side dish. Yummy stuff!

Plans for tomorrow:
Make plans for tomorrow.

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