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Another Spookless night. She spent a lot of time lying at the far end of the hallway, watching the bedroom. I finally closed the door most of the way. She came in when the TV went on at 7 am, scratched at the bed and then left. When I finally got out of bed, she was watching the world from the cat perch by the piano room windows. That gives her a view of the neighbors and the street.

Drove to Yamagami's nursery, looked around for 20 minutes, then asked for help. Turns out they didn't have milkweed and don't expect any, and they ran out of Mexican tarragon, maybe next weekend. So I looked for alternatives, and found these:

About a dozen honey bees had to find other plants. There were a lot to choose from. Plants. Arizona Gaillardia (aka blanket flowers). I also picked up a pair of small lemongrass. The latter because it's a PIA to get big ones from the grocery and root them (it takes weeks) and these were rooted so well I had to break and peel the little pot off from around them. The Gaillardia I planted at the front of the front garden, then put the netting back in place so the blackbirds don't trash them. The lemongrass is in the carport strip, next to the rosemary, where something else had failed because I had not planted it deeply enough.

After planting, I had a chat with Lee, she loves the Gaillardia. Called them umbrellas. Before planting was a long time - I was home from the nursery & and ATM run by 1:30, made a pair of PNBJ on oat bread for lunch. Wallowed in Thai emo online. One of my FB follows is a world famous Thai sci-fi writer/opera composer/youth symphony leader. Today he led a youth symphony of about 200, plus a chorus of the same size, and 300,000 Thais and friends, all dressed in black, in the King's anthem. They did several rounds during the day, and at night everyone was given a candle and maybe also a sprig of a flower, and they all sang it by candlelight.

When I was in Thailand in the 70s, I never heard words to the anthem. It was played at each movie, people stood up silent and mostly respectful, as an out of tune brass band played it poorly. I dreaded those moments, it was truly ugly musically. It was also played on TV and radio at the start and/or end of the broadcast day.

Times have changed. Now, movie houses, TV and radio stations play their own versions by a beautiful harmonic chorus backed by an in-tune orchestra, but I didn't find this out until last week when the king's death brought them out of the woodwork and onto FB and YouTube. Done right, it's gorgeous.

 The King of Thailand was a very special person, he ruled for 70 years, and went from the son of a Boston doctor studying pre-med in Switzerland, to suddenly at 19 being named King. He didn't even speak Thai.

During those 70 years, he did an enormous amount of good for the average Thai, and he earned their love and admiration. Mine too.

After planting, I sat on the stoop and then the porch to watch the sunset. It didn't last long, but it was pretty.

Yesterday I received four packets of 25 milkweed seeds, and scattered half of them in the front garden. At Yamagami's I picked up some pearlite and peat pots. I arranged as many pots as fit on what used to be a water catcher for under a large planter, and each pot got 1/4 full of pearlite for drainage, then half the balance with potting soil, watered them, added a few seeds to each, covered with more soil, watered again.

The table is in front of the bay windows, the curtains keep most of the direct sunlight off. In a few days I expect to see sprouts. Saplings will be transplanted somewhere.  Maybe they will replace the lilacs, which are not faring well at all.

Caught the end of the UW game. They continue to score lots of points and win. 7-0 so far. Next week is Utah, which also scores a lot. I saw something at Husky Stadium I did not like, so I FBed another band alum who was at the game to "say it isn't so". Sadly, the greedy SOBs who run the stadium, when they remodeled it to double the seats, moved the marching band out of the 50 yard line student section seats which almost all college bands are given, into the bottom of the end zone seats, and the alumni band not only no longer is allowed to play in the stadium, they have to pay for tickets and sit with the peons. Grumble.

Also saw some of the WSU game, they almost gave it away, but managed to hang on.

Dinner was a pair of sausages and some freshly cooked quinoa, which was boiled in water containing about a cup of the liquid from the roast turkey legs of last night. Tasted good, needed salt. So I melted some margarine on top.

Saturday nights I load the pill boxes, and saw I was running low on some meds. Ordered refills from Kaiser, plus the regular insulin. The estimate the new web site gave of the costs was way low for what I know they will charge for insulin. Unless something changed with Medicare. I'll know when I get the bill. If I do get a huge bill, I'll let their web people know they goofed. They quoted $12 for what I expect will be a $300 charge for insulin.

My favorite motel in Santa Barbara sent email apologizing for the promo code not working, and suggested trying it again. So I did for next Fri-Sat. The code worked, but after fees and taxes, it's $200 a night which is not in my price range.

In other Spook news, she has been more affectionate than usual this evening, getting close enough to the recliner to pet. And when I sit on her sofa and pick up the brush, she leans her face into it. I brushed her for about 10 minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walmart for dress socks and maybe foodstuffs. I've had to stop using crew socks, they pull against my toes and bruise & kill the toenails. The dress socks I have are old and stretched and have hardened tufts of cat hair embedded in them which washing didn't get out.
Grocery outlet for other foodstuffs
Check out Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and maybe Pismo hotel rates for next Fri-Sun.


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