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Walmart Shopping FTW

I haven't been in a Costco for enough months that my membership has expired. On purpose. Their bulk prices are now higher than most other stores' retail prices. They often discontinue products just as I am starting to like them. And the line for checkout is worse than a California bridge tollway. And the customers drive their carts as if there is a BMW logo on the front.

Walmart keeps prices low, and doesn't force me to buy more than I need. Checkout lines are added as needed. Customers drive their carts as if there is a Chevy logo on the front. They stall a lot and double-park. But most of all, now that they have a full supermarket in the store, I can get both what I would go to Target for, and what I go to Lucky's or Safeway for. For less.

Today's shopping was a major WIN. I found the socks I wanted in 5-pair bundles for $9 a set, a couple of long sleeve shirts for $15 each which may actually fit (and if they don't they also had the next size up). And on the groc side, Lean Cuisine, Marie C and Boston Market dinners, sliced muenster, various dark chocolates, and Kraft American singles in a 3-pack at the same cost per pack as Costco's 6-pack. They also had Sheba meat stick treats, for less per treat than Target but smaller packs. The only FAIL was produce. I got some smallish bananas and limes, the cut fruit offerings were small and unripe, there were no grapes, but onions were fine. No Kind bars, no Payday, and I completely forgot generic Immodium.

Home, put everything away, gave Spook some catnip flavored treats and then headed to the nearby Grocery Outlet. Their produce is also poor, I settled for red seedless grapes (they were out of green in the clamshell, and green in the bag were overpriced). Payday was there, still half price, ditto about 4 bizarre flavors of Kind bars (I bought one pack). Beer battered fish fillets, frozen mango chunks, frozen salmon - a whole fish filleted, and a small pack of smoked sausage to replace what I ate in the last couple of weeks. I spent $40 and allegedly saved $30. 

Home, plugged in the car, put stuff away, watched the first half of another horrid 49ers game. They are playing at home, and the Grocery Outlet is next to a light rail station which is a mere three miles from the one in front of the stadium, but I saw only one person in a team jersey.

Took out the garbage and recycles, watered all the gardens. Pulled out the salvia cutting which did not root and thrive as expected. Pulled a couple of weeds, too. And pulled out some bee's friend sprouts which were choking the yarrow and the bird of paradise.  There are enough still there to not feel bad about not transplanting them. Lots of little marigold sprouts popping up, maybe milkweed will follow. Meanwhile the three tomato plants are thriving, if it doesn't get too cold there may be fruit in a month. The rogue pigweed plant is starting to go to seed. I should harvest it soon. Lee says its leaves cook up like spinach.

Watched the rest of the 49ers implosion. 34-17. Once again Kaepernick did okay as QB, but he was let down by most of the rest of the team. By the second half he was being hit almost every play. His receivers didn't get open, so he ran a lot. He ran for many first downs, but you can't win a football game by yourself. The team needs new ownership, and a new GM, which could lead to hiring actual talent on the field.
Back to this morning. No Spook again, until 6:30 am when I felt woozy, stuck myself with a sharp object and registered a very low 69 on the blood sugar meter. Two Klondikes and a TV weather report later, and I went back to bed. Spook curled up in the cat tree next to the head of the bed, and stayed there until I got out of the shower at about 9. Or maybe 10. I watched some TV when it lit up at 7:30, but turned it off in a few minutes and was back asleep. Low blood sugar takes a huge bite out of my day's energy.

Breakfast was a sliced HB egg and some walnuts. No lunch. Dinner was a Boston Market chicken fried steak and a side of reheated quinoa.

Tonight will be an early bedtime.
Plans for tomorrow:
9:30 Spook's annual checkup/rabies shot. I harvested poop in a ziplock bag for the occasion.
Noon NOVA Communications class. It's from 12:30-4:30.
After class depends. If it's raining, probably home & catch up on football games on DVR. Sunny, probably downtown, Starbucks.

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