Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another am low. And then a fall festival

I had a fairly non-caloric but filling dinner last night. A small-ish frozen dinner, a generous helping of quinoa and a popsicle. My Hgl at bedtime was 140, which usually means I need 150 units for regular insulin for overnight.

But this time I woke up at 6 am or so, ocular migraine made it hard for me to see, and I felt off, so I stumbled to the kitchen where my meter is, and my reading was 62. Low even for a non-diabetic. Turned on the TV and consumed two Klondikes while watching the morning news.

6:15 I went back to bed, knowing I needed to be up with the 7:30 alarm. I fudged that a bit, woke up but stayed in bed till 8.

Meds, breakfast, computer and at 9-ish picked up a mostly sleeping Spook, poured her into the carrier, and made it in plenty of time for the 9:30 vet appointment.

She was pretty good about it, much better than last year. No problem weighing her - 13.4 lbs. Same as last year, which surprised me. She seems bigger. The vet agrees Spook is OCD about grooming, but it's fine since she doesn't overdo it. Some cats apparently lick off their fur in spots. No fleas or other critters, which makes sense since she is indoor only and my carpets are not shaggy.

Vet also said Spook's going for the meat sticks and other toys from below isn't an eye problem, it's Fierce Jungle Hunter™ play. Her eyes track normally.

The rabies shot was a non-event, she was silent, and as soon as she was let go of, she dove behind the sofa/bench. I simply moved the bench and poured her back into the carrier.

Home, did more on the computer, sliced up two onions for later caramelization, took out some last-minute recycles, put the garbage bin back in place, and drove to NOVA. As usual, first class started late, because they wait 15 minutes for wait-listed people to be placed. This time about 1/4 of the class showed up at 12:45.

It's called Communications Essentials, and between my low Hgl hangover and the soft spoken instructor who has no idea how to follow a lesson plan, it was dead boring. She also needs some lessons in setting expectations and timing. She announced there would be two breaks, a short one at 2:30 and a longer one sometime later. The short break came at 2:10 as people started drifting off, but she never got around to the second one. At 5 minutes before the class end, she took 5 minutes to tell us she was letting us go 5 minutes early on account of not giving us the 20-minute break.


She has a sense of humor, and some of the materials are funny videos. Here's one:
<iframe width="490" height="370" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YEJ6HBHjt1g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" data-link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEJ6HBHjt1g"></iframe>

It illustrated the concepts of context and perception.

I hope it gets better tomorrow. I expect to be more awake, which ought to help.

It was very blustery and dark clouds were everywhere, so I went straight home.

Plugged in the car, put the cat carrier back in the shed, grabbed the aircon cover from the shed and installed it onto the outdoor fan unit. It is officially Not Summer™ :-(

Got out my cast iron skillet and peanut oil and it took two batches and a little over an hour to make caramelized onions & garlic with mushrooms and ground beef. Six paper towels later and enough oil was extracted to create a yummy dinner. Oreo thins for dessert.

Watched the DVR which was finishing up recording MNF. Good to see Denver cream their former QB, now playing for the Texans. Osweiler. Plattdeutsch for East village, I think.

Tried on the two shirts from Walmart, they are just a wee bit too small. I'll wait till the weather clears to bring them back. Will probably buy two more, a size larger, but this time both $15 (one turned out to be $18).

Plans for tomorrow:
No plans for the morning except the usual.
NOVA class 12:30-4:30
After that depends somewhat on the weather. And my mood.

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