Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another early start to the journal

Finally a decent sleep, and yes, my Hgl was about 200 in the morning but the irony of Type II diabetes is usually takes decades for uncontrolled high blood sugar to kill you, but only a few hours to OD on insulin.

Nothing on the docket for the morning. I facebooked, emailed, sat on the porch reading as 40mph winds whipped the dark clouds away from here (no rain at all) and refilled one hummingbird feeder (the other still has 1/4 tank left).

Finally got bored at 11:30 and went to NOVA, and even after walking through the community garden I was in class at noon, first one there after the teacher. 2/3 of the students were late. But I was able to snag a different seat, one row closer to the front and by the wall, which acts as a sound bouncer. Much easier to hear.

The first half of the class was again pointless and wandering, and students interrupted and wandered flew off-topic with a vengeance. But there was a very bright side. Nina, IMHO the most attractive woman in class, asked to sit next to me, and did. And Emily, who is a close 2nd, complimented my Sharks jacket. Nina has a secret, which I expect to learn later. She knows I know she is a foreigner, I told her I knew she spoke at least two, probably more languages. For now she's only admitting to two. But she won't say which two because, she whispers to me at break, of the current atmosphere of fear in the country. She knows some Spanish, but not German. I found that out by blurting out some random common phrases.

She likes me, which is a big bonus. Nice to make a friend.

Teacher gave us two breaks this time, but had to be reminded, and also had to be stopped from breaking when the loudmouth in the front row suggested one 15 minutes too soon in the middle of a lesson. The second break was too short, and took 5 minutes to get there after she announced it.

In her favor, teach skipped a chunk of theory to get to an interesting exercise. We had a checklist of about 20 items, and were told our plane had crashed and burst into flames in the mountains in 3 feet of snow, 50-250 miles from civilization, and we had chosen to stay by the wreckage until help arrived. Part A was to check off only 10 items from the list we could rescue from the plane. Part B was to split into groups of 4, and use our communications skills to decide as a team which 10 items we would choose. On the surface this was a win, it was a very lively conversation, and we got to know each other better. But to me this was an exercise not in communicating politely, but in facilitating a meeting, which we are supposed to learn tomorrow. And there were no marshmallows or Donner Party cooking gear on the list.

I gave Nina each of my cards, so she has my number & email...
Vet called, Spook's poop is bug free.
Recruiter called, there's a job at Google which I may be qualified for, way underpaid contract rate. But it's nearby and more than I'm making now. And an interesting leading edge technology. Another recruiter called this morning, I couldn't understand most of what he was saying, and his email didn't help either. Kaiser called from far far away, responding to a form I'd sent in. I have a phone appointment for next Wednesday to go over all my meds, including OTCs, looking for interactions, lower costs and maybe more efficient combinations. I'm taking 3 different BP drugs, for example, because each has a different plus side related to diabetes.
Drove downtown, hacked some portals, walked to Starbucks. Not much eye candy, and today was apparently "train the slow new employees" day. Caught up on job search email, but found nothing. Created a funny meme:

2 of those are true.  1 other might be. And another is very close to mathematically theoretically correct under a very unlikely set of circumstances. 
Home, still no rain. Spook was more vocal asking for food, but also parked herself closer to my feet as I caught up on the last 2 episodes of Timeless. There's a guest star who looks very familiar. Looking him up on imdb: Matt Frewer. I could swear I saw him playing the villain in something else, but the only other show I think I've seen which he is credited in was Eureka, and I don't think that was it. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids? I don't think so, can't remember.

Dinner was a Marie C mongolian beef, not bad. Coconut popsicle for dessert. And some full size mint oreos.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure in the morning
Bring a PNB sandwich to class for break
Class, hope Nina sits next to me again
Probably home in the afternoon

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