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As expected, Hgl was 200 this morning, but nothing to be alarmed about. For the first time in a couple of weeks I have both bananas and HB eggs, so a normal breakfast at the computer.

Got to the nails place a little before 10, technically they were not open yet but the doors were so I asked, and they said take a seat. After the manicure, I took a short walk through the grocery across the parking lot, but nothing caught my eye except a huge bag of brand x cheesy poofs. I passed.

Home for a bit, then to NOVA. I brought lunch (a PNB sandwich and bottled water), which I ate in the student "lounge" after putting my folder on the desk of my choice in the classroom.

Class was another cluster-F. Blame goes to a disorganized teacher using out of order notes and ineffective slides, who doesn't have the skills needed to maintain order in an unruly adult class. There were five people who just shouted out things, rambled, and two who thought the class was a conversation between them and the teacher. The one exercise we did at the end was useless. Reminded me of one of my 400-level communications classes which was all about theory and jargon from the anointed Jesus de Jour of communications theory, a dork named Ben Bagdikian. It was all about learning jargon instead of learning to communicate. Today's class was all about applying some inane fish-like structure to problem solving.

As I've said before, the teacher is nice, has a sense of humor, and did her best. The course needs to be rewritten from the ground up, and presented by someone who lays down ground rules, keeps to break times (the re-write will help on this) and speaks loud enough to be heard in the back of the room.

Because last week's class was 4 days, I thought this one was too, but it ended today. I have another pretty certificate to add to my files.

Nina, the attractive girl next to me, wants to get together for help with her LinkedIn profile. She said she would email. I'm pretty sure that while she is not banded, she has an SO. But I think we'll be friends.

During one of the breaks I phoned a Volt recruiter who had some possible openings at Facebook. We got that in motion. Then during class there was another call from someone else at Volt, and later email from a third one who had a job for a tech writer, but for a legal section on Facebook's web site. Not for me.

Not raining, but cloudy, I went home, plugged in the car and stayed inside.

Received was my regular insulin order, and some assorted meds. And the rent bill. And two more flyers for the candidate claiming to be environmental champ.

Put away the meds, printed the rent check, watched some PTI and TMZ. Taylor Swift sure is pretty. Dinner was a can of creamed corn and 5 breaded fish fillets baked under yellow and white cheeses. Fudgesicle for dessert. And milk. One of the cartons from Walmart is leaking, it took some troubleshooting to figure out which one.

I have 2 more years left on my lease, but I really want to get out of this community when that time comes. The pettiness of the management is annoying, and there isn't much community activity I'm interested in. And I miss having neighbors who are under 55. So this morning I looked online for other parks, and to see what mobile homes are going for, but couldn't remember the square footage of this one. Took some file diving, but I found the flyer. 1998 manufacture, 1539 sq ft.

Maybe I'll have a chat with my sales person about other communities.

Tattoos. I do not like them. Watching football lately, it seems the style is to have every inch of skin inked. I think it's disgusting. Barbaric.

A very small part of my prejudice is I was raised to believe that the Old testament prohibits mutilating yourself - tattoos, piercings, brands, etc. This was lore from my mother as told to her by her mother. Which is why mom didn't have pierced ears until she was about 50. The reason she finally did get them pierced is a rabbi's class included the info that the Bible was only talking about mutilating yourself as a way to worship god. If you want to mutilate yourself for your own amusement, that's your business. God doesn't care. She said that now her men could fill the holes in her ears with gems. I gave her emerald earrings, because that was her fave and her birthstone, and later sapphires from Thailand.

But I digress.

Rappers, athletes and a variety of other celebrities, and even models are showing up with more body art than the Illustrated Man. I think it's ugly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walmart, return the shirts
The rest depends on whether/how much it rains. Right now it's 70° and clear with no clouds on the radar.

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