Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slept well, and then woke up

Spook is acting strangely ever since the vet appointment. She plops herself in odd places on the floor, and has been yelling for treats but when I put them in front of her she just keeps staring at me. She waits till I walk away before scarfing them down. And she eats them all, not leaving off when she's full like she usually did. And then she barfs somewhere on the carpet. Surprise!

Woke up at 7:30 with the alarms, once again had a low blood sugar reading, one Klondike only. Back to bed, was about to get up when Automation Guy called. Mostly checking that I remember I have promised to take photos of his brother-in-law's wedding reception on the 6th.

Plan A invoked, took the shirts to Walmart. They asked no questions, and gave me cash (I would rather have gotten it credited back to the Visa card).

Trader Joe's is nearby, I haven't been in a long time, and used to get their egg rolls. They don't have them anymore. Not the kind I like, anyway. I did get some mixed race quinoa, and lox. They also no longer stock Scharffen-Berger. :-(

I wanted to get onions, mushrooms and garlic, but their prices seemed high. Around the corner to Milk Pail, which has produce but I mostly wanted to get some sheep milk cheeses. Also got some HUGE "sweet" limes. Tomorrow I'll squeeze one into some soda water. Their onions also seemed pricey, so I passed.

As I was entering the market, a recruiter phoned, Google wants me to come in for an in-person interview. That's set for tomorrow. I thought it was a different recruiter for a different job. Turns out this is a part time job working all hours supporting techs installing fiber internet, probably back east because they aren't in the Bay Area yet. The other recruiter called earlier today, a manual QA job somewhere else at Google.

I made my next stop Starbucks so I could get the email of when and where the interview was, but it took about an hour for her to send it. Meanwhile I got the email from the other one asking me to confirm that they can represent me on the QA job.

Just as I was about to pack up, the sky opened up. It had been lightly drizzling all morning, but this was real rain. So I waited a while for it to pass, and then drove to the interview address, which was not the side of Shoreline I was expecting. I wanted to check out the parking situation, and it looked like there were free spaces. It was a little after 4, and the line across the street for Google buses was half a block long, but if they are taking the bus they are not parking.

On to Safeway. Their onions were expensive too. Very strange. But they had egg nog, and the flavor of Klondike I like best.

Finally got onions at Grocery Outlet, about half the price of the other places, and also mushrooms and lean beef.

The idea was to do another batch of caramelized onions with mushrooms, garlic and ground beef to mix with quinoa.

Home, plugged in the car (battery was down to 0), got the mail, which had yet another pair of flyers from Marc Berman, and the last of my ordered Kaiser meds.

As I opened it, I was about to throw out the paper included in the package, because I really don't need the pharmacy write-up every time I receive the same drug I've been taking for years. But then I saw it was a receipt. This med cost me $5 for a 3-month supply. Which made me curious, so I went to the office trash and dug out the papers for the insulin. $12. WTF? In July I ordered the same insulin, they charged me $871.07! Nothing has changed in my coverage, I'm nowhere near the out of pocket limit. My guess is they screwed up linking my account to Medicare's diabetes coverage. I went to Kaiser's message center and sent email asking what the deal is.
The iPod in the car has not been working, and I've been blaming it on a known intermittent USB connection in the car. But now it doesn't want to charge at all. That's happened before, but I think now the battery is well and truly dead. I was able to sync my musicals to the backup iPod, we'll go with that for now.

Didn't get to do the onion thing, football and internet got in the way. No real dinner, I made a malted from milk & malted milk & a pair of Klondikes. Noshed on a Kind bar, and some lox and a few slices of salami. Grabbed a fudgesicle and sat on the stoop watching the rain. Spook watched me watching.

Finished watching the football game. Tennessee's defense basically stopped playing about 4 minutes before the end, so it wasn't a complete disaster for Jacksonville. Thursday night uniforms are a bad joke. They look like PJs. One Jacksonville player had his pants duct taped where it had split across the back.

Lots of shows on the DVR. Tomorrow night I think. Maybe also tomorrow morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call NOVA to confirm what time my Tuesday workshop begins
Call Ford to find out if I really need to get the car routine checked
Google interview @1:30. I'm not qualified and not really interested in oddball hours, so this is just for practice


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